A Mysterious Letter!


Check your KinzPost today for a copy of the mysterious letter sent to Ms. Birdy!



Ms. Birdy made a surprising discovery this morning when she opened the Adoption Center’s front door. Sitting on the step outside was a milk bottle containing a rolled-up piece of paper!



When she opened up the milk bottle took out the paper, she found the following mysterious poem:



Stay tuned to Webkinz Newz on Webkinz Day for more about this mystery!


What does this letter means? And who could her secret admirer be? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


227 Responses to A Mysterious Letter!

  1. boogimonster says:

    Dr. Quack

  2. vandak says:

    its Dr, Quack!!! are we having a wedding???? How cool would that be with an outdoor wedding theme

  3. awesomealeena says:

    mysteries=1 thing… Arte Fact!

  4. 2002ganz says:

    I have 9 wish tokens. I would send them to any of you guys but it won’t let me :(

  5. superstargirl00 says:

    O_O I just had an idea!!! Maybe since Dr. Quack left the clinic, he’s now working at Daisy Doe’s diner! I mean really! The note is most likely from Dr. Quack, and the sign behind the note is all green and it looks like it could be the sign to the diner! It also really makes sense because Dr. Quack is a doctor, so he would want people to be eating healthier!!! I bet this is what this is!!! :D:D:D:D

  6. hehloveshp says:

    Whoa, I wonder what is inside. I’ve already got some of my notes, but who’s the secret admirer that sends us these notes? It is so confusing!

  7. Avanator2009 says:

    I think it is Doug the collector

  8. dancerellabella4 says:

    i bet u a thousand buckets it is possibly dr. quack!!! p.s I’m new to webkinz so any one who want to be a friend with me u are more than welcome. my user is dancerellabella4

  9. dancerellabella4 says:

    i think it is dr. quack;)

  10. carlfarl says:

    I think it’s Dr. Quack because he admires her!

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