Podkinz Ep. 38, Part 2: MORE Webkinz Day Previews!


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…Gennelle and Steve are here to guide you through more awesome Webkinz Day celebrations!


What’s In Our KinzPost?: More lovely stories from listeners about what Webkinz means to them!


Webkinz Day Preview, Part 2: Get MORE exclusive hints about everything to do with our 10th birthday!


What’s Next: Webkinz Day has gotten us thinking about COMMUNITIES! What communities are you a part of? Why do you like them? Let us know and you could be featured in our next episode!


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33 Responses to Podkinz Ep. 38, Part 2: MORE Webkinz Day Previews!

  1. Galaya says:

    Being part of the webkinz community is really special to me. Everyone on webkinz is so kind to give a hand or just being a friendly neighbor. Webkinz is the most exciting community ever!

  2. amcaramelo says:

    on my street i have tons of friends my age so i can bikeride play trampoline play soccer or even hockey! :)

  3. MEGWEBKINZ says:

    I am a part of a few communities, including a wonderful homeschool group, a fabulous church, an AWESOME Taekwondo class, and of course, the Webkinz and Webkinz Newz community! To me a community is like on big family working together for anything they set their minds to. They might not always agree, but they always find a way to make the world a better place! ~Hug a Pug~

  4. ojibwa says:

    I love my church and I love the U.S.A. One other community I belong to is the Ojibwa Indian tribe of Red Lake. My Ojibwa name means “bird woman”, and I love all animals, especially my 100+ Webkinz! I am also a vegan, and vegans have a big community as well. Communities are great!

  5. Owl132005 says:

    Hello Podkinz! To me, my community is very safe and happy. We have a stream running behind my house, but my parents don’t want me coming back inside when I am soaking wet. Although I have some human friends, my best friends are my Webkinz. I have 26 of them. 7 of them are Signature Webkinz, and the rest are regular Webkinz. They are my community.

  6. tinygma says:

    I DO WISH they or WEBKINZ would answer if the 10 for 10 will use kinz cash or G E-Store cash and will these be sendable . It would be nice if they were open to every one who plays.

  7. MittensFluffNstuff says:

    Heya PodKinz! I’m Mittens and I love Webkinz World! I have played since I was seven and I have about ninety seven Webkinz pets!!! I love my new 10 years of Webkinz Pup, and I love your podcast! Since I’m homeschooled mom said I could take MOST of the day off for Webkinz Day, and I am so excited!!!!!!!! hugs foreve! 0mittensfluffNstuff

  8. legodude says:

    What Communities am I a part of? That is a huge question, easy answers would be school, sports, church, etc. But the bigger community that we are all a part of is our country(s). I used plural because although a large portion of Webkinz are from the great USA, many are not. So, to be a proud member of your nation is an important part of COMMUNITY. We may not always agree on what happens but we all understand the importance of loving our country and trying to make it great. ANOTHER important community is the Global community. We join together in Webkinz World to have fun and be creative but that is just an example of what we do globally. The more we work together to make the world a better place, the smaller the world becomes. This sense of community helps everyone strive to do more and try to make it even better. :)

    • tinygma says:

      legodude think of the world and thousands of little chairs of all kinds. Now think of adults , kids , boys and girls. ALL AROUND THE WORLD SITTING IN THOSE CHAIRS. WE all stair in the screen and for a moment in time we share our life with another . Brief but fun . WE all change the world I am 59 60 in Dec. I play with my grand children 300 miles away. THIS IS A WONDERFUL WORLD just like the song says. ;) Look at WEBKINZ FRIENDS when it was on Facebook we because of WEBKINS helped so many !!! LIFE CAN BE COOL;) HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY LIFE . YOU AND ALL YOU KNOW AND THOSE WHO PLAY HERE AND THOSE WE LOVE ALSO.

  9. monkeyfun15 says:

    I’m home schooled and I worked ahead on my homework so I can have the day off for April 29 “Webkinz Day!” :D YAY!!!!

  10. WebkinzLover2015 says:

    Hi Podkinz!!! I am so glad to be in Webkinz Community. I am so HAPPY!!!!!! Webkinz mean a lot for me. I like to be in Webkinz Community because I like cheating with my friends, I like take care of my pets and , the most important reason, we are all egal and we work together for our dreams, we have the chance to make our world and have fun creating it. Webkinz is the best thing in the world. I never lost my memories about Webkinz. I LOVE WEBKINZ. Almost, I can’t wait for Webkinz DAY. This is so exciting. I can’t belive!!!!!!!!:):):) I think all community is very HAPPY for the 10th anniversary, amazing!!!!!

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