Adventure Quest Pack: Deep Water Dilemma

Oh no! The Pineapple Turtle has discovered from Roberta that the water in Adventure Park is being polluted! Roberta had the evidence but she lost it! Will we be able to help Roberta find out what is causing the pollution and put a stop to it? If we can, we will earn a Fresh Waterfall Wall!


If you’d like to stop the pollution, the Deep Water Dilemma Quest Pack is available at Ganz eStore and in the WShop. You can also unlock this quest by purchasing a Chimpanzee Adventure Park Series Pet.

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  1. lilangel974 says:

    i still can’t find the key i have dug everywhere except these two places by the rock and i still can’t find the key

  2. Bubblilious1 says:

    It seems like some of you are having problems. What I see, if you do what they ask when they say play a game it takes you out of the AP and to the game. Wait, it then asks you to play. It does this in the Arcade and Tournament. If it doesn’t, go back to AP and see if you missed a step, like ‘accept’. If you have to dig, read carefully where. Sometimes they are all in one open connected room other times, in several rooms (usually connected) or in several places like the cave, clouds, park or underwater. The pet says this is a nice place to dig when you need to dig. The 3 coloured crystals are in 3 rooms coloured in the 3 colours. Hints are everywhere. If you are not finding what you look for, don’t keep digging, go to another open room attached. It is not always in the first. Use the Exclamation marks, Question marks, Challenge icons. If stuck, go to back to your challenge icons, read it again. They say, back so soon and repeat what to do sometimes with additional info. Sometimes you have to do things in a certain order. There are free challenges there for everyone to play and if you want more you can buy them from the e-store. You get 10 free digs every day (you can buy more from AP/top of screen). Sometimes those red arrows in a room pointing down are the clue to the direction to go. When you have to enter an area it opens up. sometimes it takes scouting around for the entrance like in the shipwreck. Always remember where you came in a room because you have to go back. Need to get reoriented, go back to the park. Watch Mike and Mandy’s video. Send mini challenges to a friend or an another account for additional prizes.

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