Adventure Quest Pack: Deep Water Dilemma

Oh no! The Pineapple Turtle has discovered from Roberta that the water in Adventure Park is being polluted! Roberta had the evidence but she lost it! Will we be able to help Roberta find out what is causing the pollution and put a stop to it? If we can, we will earn a Fresh Waterfall Wall!


If you’d like to stop the pollution, the Deep Water Dilemma Quest Pack is available at Ganz eStore and in the WShop. You can also unlock this quest by purchasing a Chimpanzee Adventure Park Series Pet.

30 Responses to Adventure Quest Pack: Deep Water Dilemma

  1. mikeysfriend says:

    Please fix the zingo pop game. I can’t get Sere to let me go any further in my quest and i’ve played it over and over again. Please

  2. Bubblilious1 says:

    Can anyone tell me how we buy more ‘digs’ for the Adventure Park. I have just started playing and these are fun.

  3. onesmarty says:

    But i already have this prize…

  4. monsterhighrules323 says:

    Has anyone had this issue? I have to get 200 points playing Zingoz Pop. I have played it at least 5 times, getting over 2000 points each time and it isn’t registering with Goober in the sky that I played it at all. I tried logging out and back in again to see if that worked but it’s not working. Thank you for any advice or help!

    • dilitant says:

      You have to take the ladder up the tree and actually go to the clouds – I had this issue for a long time and then figured it out. There are several areas in the adventure park: underwater (accessed at the floating dock), the clouds (accessed by the ladder up the tree at the left side of park), the caves, and the garden. Hope that helps.

    • monsterhighrules323 says:

      Thank you dilitant–I wish that were the problem sadly. I am seeing Goober, he’s telling me to get 200 in Zingoz Pop, I do that, and it doesn’t register. It doesn’t say you’ve completed this part like it usually does, just stays in the arcade. So I try to see Goober again and he says get 200 in the game! It’s like I’m in an endless loop of this part. And for your issue with the key–I’m sure you have, but have you tried moving to another part of the room, then you can access those last couple piles?

      • dilitant says:

        Do you just get the pop-up of Goober? If so, you have to actually go to Goober (not just see the pop-up). He is up in the clouds, and when you go up there you have to click on him (not just access his icon on the left side of the screen). I hope that helps :). I have tried walking all around those last 2 piles, but the shovel doesn’t appear. It’s so weird.

        • monsterhighrules323 says:

          Yes, I go see him and click on him and he says play for 200 points, I go do that, and it’s not registering. I now see a few others are having the same issue with that. And how weird for you with those darn digs. I have no idea! I hope that fix that as well. Sounds like this particular quest has a few issues:(

    • mikeysfriend says:

      I am having the same problem withSere wanting me to play zingo pop. I can’t get adventure park to say yep it’s done. I reported the problem 2 days ago and they said they are aware of the issue but didn’t tell me how long till it’s fixed. it’s still not working right today

  5. dilitant says:

    Has anyone had trouble getting the key for Sera? I found the correct area to dig for the key, but two of the rock piles I can’t dig up. I have dug up every other pile in the room – but the shovel icon won’t hover over the last two – and the key is in one of them :(

  6. 4mannkids says:

    I got 2 backpacks the other day and this was one of them, but I didn’t get a mini quest to send to a friend. Anyone know why?

    • MommaSays says:

      Maybe you have to get the Adventure pet to get the mini quest? The Backpack is specifically the quest? Maybe?

      • FoxesRule612 says:

        I don’t really know. I’ve gotten two packs before and I only got a mini quest after adopting my Adventure Park pet (I think).

      • stinkum5 says:

        That’s exactly right MommaSays, you only receive the mini quests when you adopt the Adventure pet.

      • BeezKneez says:

        You are right – you have to adopt an Adventure Park pet to get both the quest and the mini quest to send to a friend ( or send it to yourself if you have another account). A previous article stated that you get a mini quest with a backpack purchase, but that is not correct and Ganz needs to edit that article.

  7. KSC says:

    These Adventure Park quests sound like fun and have some nice prizes! I may have to treat myself to one.

  8. monsterhighrules323 says:

    I want to make sure I understand what is going on with all these adventure park things to help the pineapple turtle–are all of these only available at the estore? There’s nothing we can do and nothing we can win doing any adventures without purchasing something from the estore?

    • kandykinz says:

      Yes, that is correct. However, they will be giving one free Adventure Park backpack away on Sophie’s Appreciation Day. Other than that, it is all promotionals for the estore. I won’t be buying any.

    • alucard says:

      I was thinking the same thing, monsterhighrules323! By using “We”, it makes it sound like the adventure quest is for all of the Webkinz players, not just the ones who can buy the Adventure Quest Pack or monkey. Maybe Sally Webkinz could explain it better. I could certainly buy the Adventure Quest Pack, but others may not be able to. “We” should include “everyone” in WW, not just those who can buy the adventure and/or monkey.

      • KimAA1214 says:

        There are a few other pets that each unlock an Adventure Park Quest. I know the velvety elephant and pinto horse do and there are several others also.

      • 48Becky says:

        I very much agree with your statement! “We” should mean all players, not just those that can afford it. I am a Deluxe member, but even I don’t want to have to buy the quest!

    • zoomycat says:

      That’s why they called it an adventure quest instead of a community challenge. I hope this is’t the newest “thing”.

    • FoxesRule612 says:

      I think they’re mostly just advertising the Adventure Park packs since that’s kinda what this month’s “theme” is.

  9. dixiecup says:

    Love the quest and the Chimpanzee, but really am not fond of the item because it can only be turned 2 ways.

  10. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Awesome! This quest sounds so cool! =D (It’s the 5th– wahoo! Happy Birthday, Adam Young!(My snowy retriever puppy))

    • Rocky5465 says:

      For a sec I thought you were gonna say Adam Levean not sure how you spell it sorry ;)! The one who sang Sugar which I sorta like xD! And Happy Birthday to your snowy retriever! And btw why were you telling me happy bday in KC lol? I am a bit confused because its not mine, what did you mean?

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