Amanda Panda goes hot air ballooning!

32 Responses to Amanda Panda goes hot air ballooning!

  1. ShinyRocks says:

    Have fun Amanda Panda!

  2. random says:

    Wow I went hot air balloning a few weeks ago its cool!

  3. sydney says:

    Add me as a friend my user is sydneyandkelsey
    my other one is sydneyandmariah

  4. Happi! says:

    I really want to ride in a hot air balloon! Your so lucky Amanda! :D

    As Always,
    Happi! ;) :) :D

  5. unet101 says:

    Man I really want to go on a hot air balloon someday! I think it would be so fun just to see the world below you with all the plants, cars, houses, and other things!

  6. snowcares says:

    oh my i’d be vary scared to go up that high! :oops: :scared: :oops: :oops: :scared: :oops:

  7. 2543abcz says:

    O WOW i hope she has fun !!

  8. Tummy1010 says:

    Wow! Amanda Panda is one of my favorite characters on Webkinz! Have fun Amanda and YOU GO GIRL!!! :P

  9. p0pc0rn123 says:

    HOW DOES GANZ FIND THESE that would be the last thing i’d look 4 a bollown with random words on it!!!! :D

  10. p0pc0rn123 says:

    OMG its on a balloon!!!!!

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