Meet the Candidate: Amanda Panda!

Hello Webkinz Newz readers, Ella McWoof – back with another special Webkinz Votes 2016 report! Amanda Panda is a newcomer to politics, but she’s already a familiar face to everyone in Kinzville. She runs the Wish Factory and she is giving her campaign speech today which you can read below…



“I’m so excited to be running for Mayor! Cowabelle made a lot of wishes come true when she was elected. But now it’s time for someone new to fulfill the wishes of the citizens of Kinzville.


I’m so proud to be running against such esteemed opponents. I know I may not have the star power of celebrity Dex Dangerous, the many years of experience of the elderly Dr. Quack, or the cozy relationship with the current mayor that Salley Cat enjoys. But what I have is this: I spend every day interacting with citizens of Kinzville, helping make their wishes come true. At the Wish Factory, I’m lucky enough to meet with citizens face to face and listen to their needs.


What everyone wants is the ability to create a loving home for their pets – a home that lets you express your creativity and style. I’ll help you create the perfect home by adding more retired Exclusives to the Wish Factory. And to make sure you never miss out, I will announce which Exclusives are going to retire in advance.


I’d also like to address a concern expressed by some of you. I know the prices of some new Exclusives are high. I’ve already reduced prices on some items. But isn’t everything that’s worth having, worth working hard for? I see the joy on your faces when you finally save up enough Tokens to get that special piece. Doesn’t the fact that you have to work for it make it all the more special?


If you elect me on November 30th we’ll work together to create the perfect home. You already know how hard I work for you every day in the Wish Factory. As your Mayor, I’ll work to make wishes come true all over Kinzville.


Amanda Panda

Wishing the Best for Kinzville”


From November 16 – 22, visit Amanda Panda in the Kinzville Park and click on her to receive one of 3 campaign prizes: the Amanda Panda Campaign Sign, Cap and Plushy (limited to 1 prize per day, per account).


***THIS EVENT IS AD SUPPORTED. Your ads must be turned on to participate in this event.



Don’t forget to vote for your favorite mayoral candidate right here on Webkinz Newz on November 30th. Every vote counts! So what do you think of what Amanda Panda had to say? Will you cast your vote for her on November 30th? Please leave your comments below…



This has been Ella McWoof reporting for Webkinz Newz.


Check out the platforms for the other candidates: Dr. QuackDex Dangerous and Salley Cat!

130 Responses to Meet the Candidate: Amanda Panda!

  1. Katz1259 says:

    Can someone (or many) tell me all of the ways that you can “earn” wish tokens. I know that I can get them by spinning the wheel of wishes and from the balloon darts but my mind is blank after that. And I have seen several posts including this one that say that we “earn” wish tokens. I don’t think we earn them at all…. it is all chance. And if they are going to have wishes for 300+ wish tokens then I think we need to have some way that we can choose to “play” or work or whatever to earn wish tokens. At this rate I really don’t see many people getting enough for the new wishes. I agree it would be a great sense of achievement to earn one, but dang, let us have a way to actually earn them and then maybe lower them to 150 and under. Going from 30 tokens to 300 and 400 tokens is astronomical and honestly very disheartening.

  2. eg_hatten_03 says:

    I want there to be more regular player items, because Deluxe members get all of the new items and cool clothes. I would also like to be able to play some of the Deluxe games not only on their Game of the Day. As a former Deluxe member I wish their was a way to get these cool prizes without being a Deluxe. Also for any players whose membership has expired, let them have more rights and games like all of us.

  3. ShayNayNayCool says:

    As much as I love the Wish Factory and all of the hard work Amanda Panda puts into it, I don’t think retired Exclusive Prizes and reduced prices are: A.) a priority for current needed changes, and B.) something that should be done only if she wins. The prices of the Wish Factory need to be reduced, regardless of who wins! Both for prizes and for Tokens. So far, Dr. Quack has my vote – no contest.

  4. AtomicActivity says:

    I have been thinking… although I feel wish token items are priced out of reach of Webkinz World players, I know that Webkinz is trying to show us the importance of hard work. I still believe that 30 tokens should be the limit, but I also think I have given Webkinz too much trouble about this. I apologize to everyone who has contributed to making Webkinz World a safe, fun, and educational website. :)

  5. Anna4858 says:

    I’ll vote for you Amanda panda

  6. orangewing2020 says:

    Hey everyone! I am deeply sorry if any of you were offended by my previous comment. I do like you Amanda it’s just we all have an opinion, it’s nothing personal it’s just, me. So again, really sorry if I hurt some feelings. Good luck Amanda!

  7. jillton says:

    There’s to much deluxe now I hope the new mayor takes deluxe away.

    • megamom12 says:

      I don’t want to take Deluxe away. I do however wish to see some of the games and such that were taken away from regular players returned. It’s not that I mind that there are Deluxe items and games, I just didn’t appreciate that our things were taken away from us. I also miss Vacation Island (and Debbie Dragon).

      • mrman512 says:

        Yes. I very much agree. It’s not so much that I want Deluxe games, it’s that the games we were all used to and had fun playing were snatched out of our grasp! Just joking. However, in all seriousness I do wish they would bring back the games and Vacation Island we all enjoyed. I miss Tresures of the Crystal Sea.

  8. jillton says:

    How do you write to Finoa.

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