Aztec Theme Retiring!


The rare Aztec Theme has been exclusively found in the Curio Shop for many years, but that all comes to an end on March 14th, 2023 (midnight, EST).


This amazing ancient room theme will be retired, becoming a part of Webkinz history! If you haven’t collected all the pieces to this theme yet, after March 14th, you’ll need to visit the Trading Room at the Webkinz Classic Clubhouse (available only on the desktop app) to find someone willing to part with these precious artifacts!




NOTE: The Aztec items sold by the Ganz eStore and the exclusive Ancient Aztec Stone Statue will NOT be retired on March 15th.


Starting on March 15, the Fun to Be Young theme will be added to the pool or rare items in the Webkinz Classic Curio Shop.


Don’t forget—you can find the NEW Neo Aztec room theme in the Webkinz Next Curio Shop. These items can also be sent back to your linked Webkinz Classic Account. Learn more here.



REMEMBER: If you subscribe to our official Webkinz Twitter account, we post daily #RareItemAlerts to let you know when you can find specific rare items in the Webkinz Classic Curio Shop!


Have YOU collected all of this amazing ancient theme? Let us know in the comments below!





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143 Responses to Aztec Theme Retiring!

  1. kaylinjolly says:

    COFFEE TABLE is in regular shop 2-3 March 15th…. this gives me hope maybe we ‘ll see some stragglers.

  2. M1ssMillie says:

    @SallyWebkinz, why is the Aztec statue not in the wish factory anymore if it’s not suppose to retire?

  3. Woof02120 says:

    Anyone wanting one more Tribal Totem. It is in the Main section of the Curio Shop from 6pm until 7pm.

    • Woof02120 says:

      I’m guessing this will unfortunately be the last Aztec item sold in Webkinz. That’s disappointing because I still need several items from it. Does anyone have an extra Aztec Calendar?

    • Woof02120 says:

      Famous last words (clearly). So, if the Coffee Table was in the Curio Shop after March 14, is it just going to be in the Curio Shop less often? Or was this a glitch? Also, will we see any Aztec items appear in future challenges (similar to how the Egyptian items usually do when there’s a Tile Towers challenge)?

  4. kaylinjolly says:


  5. Queeniexz says:

    How were we supposed to collect them if Curio never sells them? :(

  6. TubThumper says:

    I’m so disappointed. I thought it was so generous that you guys were giving us a month to get the items, but there has barely been any Aztec items at all come up. Only FOUR items. How are we supposed to collect the theme before it retires if we are not even given a chance to? I appreciate the advanced warning, but it doesn’t mean much when we don’t get very many items come up at the Curio Shop.

  7. AllyBelle15 says:

    The wallpaper is in the Curio Shop for Deluxe members right now! 3-4pm MST

  8. granma4 says:

    kaykay94k If you send me a friend request I have one extra fridge left

  9. granma4 says:

    Marlet1234Pet I sent you a Fridge. looking forward to wallpaper and dining chairs.

  10. Marley12345Pet says:


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