Bake Sale 2! Only on Webkinz Newz!



Bake Sale 2 is coming back  – but this time you can only find it on Webkinz Newz! From March 20 to April 9, 2020, collect a Baked Sale gift box on Webkinz Newz and open it up in Webkinz World to get a random Baked Good! Combine them on a stove to make prizes for your pets! Here’s a look at the 5 Baked Goods you can collect in the Bake Sale gift boxes:



Each day, from March 20 until April 9, look for the daily floating Bake Sale gift box at and click it to send it back to your account.


Visit the W Shop in Webkinz World to find the Bake Sale Cookbook Volume 2 listed under ‘Fun Stuff’.



You can use the cookbook to find out what prizes you can make by combining Baked Goods on a stove. Here’s a look:



Pieces of Blueberry Prize Pie will also be available in the ‘New & Specialty’ section of the WShop for eStore Points during this event. Every time you feed your pet a piece of prize pie, you’ll win one of the 10 Bake Sale prizes OR a Beach House Bunk Bed, the Grand Prize! The Bunk Bed is a rare prize that’s ONLY available through slices of Blueberry Prize Pie:





49 Responses to Bake Sale 2! Only on Webkinz Newz!

  1. plentyofpenguins22 says:

    The recipe I want to do requires donuts, and I’ve only gotten one so far. Does anyone have some they can share? UN: plentyofpenguins

  2. cowluva says:

    If anyone can help me out to get the water tile I’d be so so happy! I’ve only been able to get cake pops so far :( add me username: cowluva. I can send cake pops if anyone needs them haha I have tons

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