Bake Sale 2! Only on Webkinz Newz!



Bake Sale 2 is coming back  – but this time you can only find it on Webkinz Newz! From March 20 to April 9, 2020, collect a Baked Sale gift box on Webkinz Newz and open it up in Webkinz World to get a random Baked Good! Combine them on a stove to make prizes for your pets! Here’s a look at the 5 Baked Goods you can collect in the Bake Sale gift boxes:



Each day, from March 20 until April 9, look for the daily floating Bake Sale gift box at and click it to send it back to your account.


Visit the W Shop in Webkinz World to find the Bake Sale Cookbook Volume 2 listed under ‘Fun Stuff’.



You can use the cookbook to find out what prizes you can make by combining Baked Goods on a stove. Here’s a look:



Pieces of Blueberry Prize Pie will also be available in the ‘New & Specialty’ section of the WShop for eStore Points during this event. Every time you feed your pet a piece of prize pie, you’ll win one of the 10 Bake Sale prizes OR a Beach House Bunk Bed, the Grand Prize! The Bunk Bed is a rare prize that’s ONLY available through slices of Blueberry Prize Pie:





47 Responses to Bake Sale 2! Only on Webkinz Newz!

  1. DestDest says:

    If any one has any extra you wouldnt mind sharing please feel free to add me as a friend also if your just looking for someone extra to have as a webkinz friend :) DestDest

  2. alucard says:

    Dear Team Webkinz! Could we PLEASE get more than one bake box a day? It’s going to take forever to get enough baked goods to make the items we need! PLEASE figure out another way so we can get more baked goods! Thank you! :-)

  3. ckimhappy says:

    Does anyone have an extra Bake sale bar my webkinz name is ckimhappy.

  4. ultrasonic3 says:

    If anyone has an extra bed I would love it! So far all I have gotten are 3 cake pops! I was hoping to be able to get the lake tile, galaxy crew uniform and window. I just need more patience (smiles)

    • megamom12 says:

      Just a reminder, the bed comes from the prize PIE. I know how you feel about the baked goods though, I certainly have enough tarts!!! : D

    • snowpea321 says:

      haha! me too!

    • Amygirl113 says:

      let me check my food – I think I can help you with the lake, uniform and window.

      • Amygirl113 says:

        Ultrasonic3 – if you don’t have a lake tile (not the one from the bake sale) but one that covers the entire floor, let me know & I’ll send you one. When you put these lake tiles in it then, the pet will float in the lake – realllly cool. Your sis, Pat

        • ckimhappy says:

          Amygirl113 where do you get the lake floor that covers the full room I would love to get one for my room.

          • Amygirl113 says:

            I just accepted your friend request. I had a spare lake tile & just sent it to you & 2 of the lake tiles – I got the lake floor from the vacation island wheel a few months ago. Like I said above, put the lake tiles on the lake floor and the pets will float like they are in a lake. Enjoy and glad to have you for a new friend.

  5. Crantz says:

    I need many lake tiles and I never get the bake sale bar, hope we could get more ingredients and not just one a day. This definitely is my favorite bake sale because of the lake tiles.

  6. nanamama12 says:

    I would have to check and see if this bed is tradeable. I’m thinking that one of my friends sent me one as I don’t remember getting one from my pie. I have gotten SO MANY wonderful surprises in my webbie mailbox from my wonderful webbie friends. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, caring community. Also a talented one as well!

    • KarenaJ says:

      I agree, this community is so full of the nicest people who love Webkinz and love to share the love. Some of my favorite rooms were made all the more special by a caring friend sending a gift. Sharing is so much fun on Webkinz. When you get extras or if someone needs a certain item. All the better. Webkinz is my happy place for sure. <3

  7. emster7 says:

    I wish the window would stay open, though. But I like the way it looks.

  8. egbarnes19 says:

    Yay I’m so excited for this! Thank you so much!

  9. KSC says:

    Thank you for running Bake Sale 2 again! I especially like the Creative Studio Columns and Lake Tiles.

  10. Wingsfan65 says:

    These were always my favourite bake sale recipes :) Thanks for bringing them back, Webkinz!

    • megamom12 says:

      There are really fantastic pieces in all of the Bake Sales, but if I had to choose one it would be Bake Sale #3 for me. I do love all of them though so I’m happy to try to get the pieces that I need for my rugs!

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