Birdwatching 101: Garden Design Contest

Update: The finalists will be announced on May 29 – not May 27 as originally stated.


The Lil Spring Songbird is flying back to Webkinz World and it’s looking for a home! This is your chance to design a beautiful garden oasis for this beautiful eStore exclusive pet! From May 3 to 25, upload your garden designs to the Share Center for a chance to win a Room Design Trophy AND a virtual Lil Spring Songbird! Plus – all ten finalists will each receive a Hand Sculpted Bird Bath!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Design a garden Room in Webkinz World
  2. Take a screenshot of your room
  3. Upload your screenshot to the Birdwatching Garden Gallery on GanzWorld Share Center
  4. Check back on May 29 to see if you are one of ten finalists!

The winning design will be announced on Sunday, June 3.


See full contest rules.

72 Responses to Birdwatching 101: Garden Design Contest

  1. CrazyCoolCandy says:

    I submitted my design but never received an email. Afterward, I submitted it again but still didn’t receive an email. Does this mean my room isn’t in the running for the contest?

  2. bonesbongo says:

    I submitted my image on Friday May 25th at 1:27 pm. I received the automated email Your submission is currently under review. An email notification will be sent to you once our review process is complete. It is almost 3 full days later and I have still NOT received an email. What is up with this. Apparently my image did not get entered for the contest. If your going to have contest make it fair for everyone that wants to enter. It should not take 3 days for you to review an image. You need to come up with a better review process so players are not missing out entering a contest because of your review process! I am disappointed that my image was not entered I put a lot of time and effort into my garden yard.

    • Sally Webkinz says:

      Well, two of those days were over the weekend, when there’s no one in the office. Anyone who enters within the timeframe will be entered into the contest, but it can sometimes take a little while to moderate so a little patience is required.

      • CocoaBunny says:

        Sally, what should I do in the future when one of the two rooms I send in keeps bouncing back as “no image”? They were both JPG files, the treetop room was accepted while the yard wasn’t, I even tried cutting out as much blank space as possible when re-submitting the yard but it still came back as “no image” after the contest had closed. Any suggestions?

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