Birdwatching 101: Garden Design Contest

Update: The finalists will be announced on May 29 – not May 27 as originally stated.


The Lil Spring Songbird is flying back to Webkinz World and it’s looking for a home! This is your chance to design a beautiful garden oasis for this beautiful eStore exclusive pet! From May 3 to 25, upload your garden designs to the Share Center for a chance to win a Room Design Trophy AND a virtual Lil Spring Songbird! Plus – all ten finalists will each receive a Hand Sculpted Bird Bath!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Design a garden Room in Webkinz World
  2. Take a screenshot of your room
  3. Upload your screenshot to the Birdwatching Garden Gallery on GanzWorld Share Center
  4. Check back on May 29 to see if you are one of ten finalists!

The winning design will be announced on Sunday, June 3.


See full contest rules.

72 Responses to Birdwatching 101: Garden Design Contest

  1. gadspets says:

    I submitted mine but don’t see it :(

  2. julieperkins says:

    I think I may just try this as my first contest!

  3. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    IS there still time to enter? Oh, and does anyone have a spare Egyptain costume from the Deluxe challenge? That gold thing is super hard. I’ll be willing to trade something for it.

    • Pheonix2025 says:

      Hey MLP, its BlackBeauty. I haven’t been on in FOREVER! Whats up? Glad to see bubbashuka, Taffykitty and ppl i know still on WKN. Love ya!

  4. bubbashuka says:

    COME ON PEOPLE! We can make votes better. I see everyone’s rooms have bad under 4 scores, and they’re great, but I have a feeling people vote bad for the fun of it. So my idea: When you vote, ALWAYS vote 10-stars!!! (Even on your own to make you feel better about your votes) It’ll make people happier to think they have good scores and rooms- because everyone deserves them. :) <3

    • Kajuan says:

      I thought for sure that I was the only one who thought that. Every time I see a wonderfully put-together room, they always have votes less that 5.0. Sometimes even the best rooms have less that that. And then I started to believe that some people actually go through everyone’s picture and rate the lowest rate as possible to throw off the honestly voted votes. At first I thought I was just thinking ignorantly, and then I saw your post. So, glad I’m not the only one who feels this way. And it’s actually because I feel this way that sometimes, I don’t even bother with contests because how I feel.

    • Nate4555 says:

      I was starting to think people thought a 1 was best and 10 worst. I hope people are not actually trying to pull someone’s score down. Great idea to give everyone a 10 to encourage them to keep sharing their designs!

  5. 1Emerald1 says:

    It’s official. Peek-a-newz is now impossible to play because of “502 Bad Gateway”. Any plans on fixing this, ganz?

    • kcunningham06 says:

      I have still been getting this too. However it will work if you just refresh the page.

    • behe123 says:

      It appears and to me.

    • behe123 says:

      I trier to way it appear and to me, and….. surprise :502 bad gateway!

    • Eilish says:

      It works just fine for me. I just played and was able to finish.

    • babyssss says:

      You are very right 1Emerald1! You can not refresh the page to make it work. This is why I’m not going to renew my Deluxe membership when it comes in July. I also will not renew my six grandkids accounts at that time also. They don’t want to fix items no matter how many times the people call them out to fix the problems. I have spent way to much money over the years. I’ve been a member for12 years on most of my accounts. When they changed for the better they kept telling us to just weather the storm. I was not the only one that bought the story. I Iost most of Deluxe items that I bought and my yearly Webkinz also was never to come back.

      • 1Emerald1 says:

        It’s aggravating, for sure. I’ve never been a big spender here for these very reasons: they won’t fix things we’ve paid for. I figure it’s worth something to me but not the thousands in estore points I see some players pour into rooms. I set a (low) annual limit & don’t go past it. This year I used some of it for one deluxe membership. Next year I probably won’t. Anyway, have a fabulous weekend, babyssss!

  6. kittymade10 says:

    Are there any rules regarding the room having to be an outside room?

  7. doodlebug72898 says:

    Hi – I’ve uploaded five garden pictures to the Share Center and NONE of them are showing. How long is the review process??

    • bella71440402 says:

      When I entered the pet buddy design contest my entry didn’t show up on the page for about three days. Good luck, I hope you win!

    • LuckyFinnigan says:

      Don’t forget to check your spam or junk folders. Sometimes if you don’t include Ganz as your contacts in your email that is where your confirmation will be found.

  8. teddybear says:

    Wondering how long the review process takes. I sumbmitted a room to the Birdwatching Garen design area On May 3. I did receive one e-mail saying “Your submission is currently under review. An E-mail notification will be sent to you once our review process is complete”. Did not get that second E-mail as of yet and my room is not in the Birdwatching gallery.

  9. birdfolks says:

    HELP PLEASE!!!!!!I I found the last 8 numbers just like the person above but I cant find the first 8 at all, can anyone help me, Please help, I am stuck in bed with MS and they suggest me to play this game to help my MS with multi pal task, but this one is driving me nuts.. can anyone out there…I am birdforks6 and name Wendy I’ll keep looking her and on webkinz world. TY

    • dixiecup says:

      They are all under the birds in the eStore, BirdFolks. Look under each of them until you’ve constructed the entire code. Go to the Lil Kinz online section of the eStore and click on each of the little birds. You’ll find the other two missing pieces quickly, there ;)

    • MelanieMartinezfan says:

      Sorry, I’d like to help you but I did not understand what you meant

  10. puppies4me says:

    I have several birds. My Purple Spring Duckling, Heather has an outdoor greenhouse/nursery. My Black-Capped Chickadee, Bridgette shares an organic fruit and vegetable business with my Wombat, Sherman. My Robin, Gibb (yes, BeeGee fans, I couldn’t resist) takes his assignment pretty seriously in his treetop Dex Dangerous Look-out Station, keeping an eye on the Blue Moon. My first Lil Kinz, my Hummingbird, Wisp zips-and-sips around sporting only his green fishing hat even though he definitely never goes fishing. What? Stand in one place? He just thinks the color is flattering. But he doesn’t want to ruffle his feathers or weigh himself down with what he thinks are more “unecessary” clothes, lol. I don’t know if I could pick a true favorite. At the moment, I’d say my bright Yellow Springtime Chick. His hero is Wacky, so he wears his 4-piece WackyER Zingoz Costume all year round, and would love to move into the Clubhouse Wacky Room. I also have QUITE a few larger fine-feathered friends: birds and mythical creatures. I didn’t add them up! The Lil Spring Songbird is adorable! I can’t wait to see the beautiful rooms from this contest! GOOD LUCK everyone!

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