Black Friday Sale! 25% Off Plush Pets!


We are so excited to announce our first ever sale on ALL of our new generation of plush Webkinz pets! Today only, November 26, 2021, you can get Webkinz first edition plush pets for 25% off the regular price.



Each adorable plush pet comes with two codes, one for Webkinz Classic, and one for Webkinz Next.  And with fewer than 100 plush cows left in stock, this is an excellent opportunity to add the sweet Holstein Cow to your Webkinz family.


Check out our plush sale and all of the amazing Black Friday specials at Ganz eStore!


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15 Responses to Black Friday Sale! 25% Off Plush Pets!

  1. dwtsfan says:

    How came the cow bed is a different color in Webkinz next then Webkinz classic

  2. Resonatingthunder says:

    Ganz has kept me busy on a shopping SPREE! this Black Friday weekend! I ended up ordering the gray tabby, can’t wait for it to arrive!

    • Ruhrohraggy says:

      You weren’t the only one! I hadn’t planned on getting the gray tabby plushy, but darn it if that 25 percent off didn’t pull me in. I can’t resist a cat on sale!

  3. c21houseboy says:

    are these plush safe for young children, ? under 3.

    • ChaseGamerDude says:

      They say 3 & up but they probably are. My nephew played with Webkinz plush when he was a baby, and I know several people who started playing on the online game of Webkinz at age 3.

  4. fishstickers says:

    This was great! I could finally afford that adorable grey tabby! Can’t wait for it to arrive!!

  5. Sonari says:

    This elephant is directly responsible for getting me into the plushies. I therefore blame you elephant for all the fun I will now have playing both next and classic. How dare you be so cute!!!

  6. ChaseGamerDude says:

    I wish you guys would make the plush like they normally were. I’m sure you’d make much more money.

  7. frozenanna2 says:

    Thanks Webkinz for everything!

  8. donkeyhooves says:

    Yesss some Webkinz next attention!

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