Challenge: Trick or Treat Time


UPDATE: Looks like that ghostly chair has vanished… SPOOKY! But don’t worry! You’ll have a chance to get a fourth Creepy Cursed Chair with a special event right here on Webkinz Newz on Halloween, October 31.


Look for the Creepy Cursed Chair floating around Webkinz Newz on October 31! Learn more here!


Halloween is all about the candy and this challenge which runs in Webkinz World between October 24 and 31 is no different! In this challenge you’ll need to collect Candy Tiles from the Owl in the Park and place them in your room, play Candy Bash 2 and feed your pet more Panther Pops!


Completing the final challenge will complete your creepy dining set with a Haunted House Table and a cute Wise Owl Candy Bag! Just in time for Halloween!

28 Responses to Challenge: Trick or Treat Time

  1. tbouuu says:

    hi, unfortunately due to hurricane delta I didnt have power for 6 days so I didnt get to come on here oct 31 to get the floating chair, is there any way I could get a code to get it? I completed all the other task and its the only piece I’m missing

  2. 1129PM1DPink says:

    I just completed the event today and the Haunted Table isn’t in my dock, I’ve checked and checked and even logged out and tried again multiple times, but it’s still not there. It’s like I only received the wise owl bag. Please help me figure this out so I can get the table.

  3. Pupwolf says:

    Thank you, Ganz, for the update about the missing fourth Creepy Cursed Chair. I’ll be here on Halloween to get it – thanks for all the prizes and goodies we’ve been treated to all month.

  4. ChrissyRose429 says:

    They said they will have an event on Halloween to win the fourth chair. Just check webkinz news on Halloween.

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