Check Out The Complete Toadstool Theme!


You voted that the Toadstool theme should be the next room theme to be released in Webkinz World. We’ve already revealed the early concept drawings and asked you for name suggestions in earlier articles here, here, and here. Now here is a look at the final finished items, named using your suggestions!



The new theme arrives in the WShop on August 6th! Which items are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


106 Responses to Check Out The Complete Toadstool Theme!

  1. maria_rdz says:

    i love this theme it is very pretty!

  2. hayleys25 says:

    how many tiles does it take to cover the whole floor

  3. KinzKount says:

    If all of Webkinz World players got to vote on the newest theme, then why would you make any of it deluxe? Now, most of us will miss out on the Cozy Woodland Fireplace, the Toadstool Grill and Forest Floor Tile. Just Why??? The fireplace was one of my favorite items.

  4. insane123 says:

    Can’t wait until tomorrow.

  5. simonelion16 says:

    Also I love the theme especially the bed!

  6. jimzy13 says:

    For the table, I am going to need placemat dinnerware! Ganz PLZ make a toadstool placemat!!!

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