Check Out The Complete Toadstool Theme!


You voted that the Toadstool theme should be the next room theme to be released in Webkinz World. We’ve already revealed the early concept drawings and asked you for name suggestions in earlier articles here, here, and here. Now here is a look at the final finished items, named using your suggestions!



The new theme arrives in the WShop on August 6th! Which items are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


106 Responses to Check Out The Complete Toadstool Theme!

  1. eyestone123 says:

    These are awesome! Are these the only items for the theme?

  2. blahblahblahblag says:

    I love the Toadstool Trampoline and the Hidden Doorway Dining Table. Love it Ganz. Hope you guys don’t make it a Deluxe Member or Ganz ePoints Room Theme

  3. tootu4 says:

    i think they should all wallpaper and flooring

  4. tootu4 says:

    im going to buy 4 of the forest floor tile ( well usully it covers 1/4 of the room but if it dosent ill buy enought to cover a room ) and i love ALL of theese (p.s i just got my signature endangered red wolf and i LOVE it soooooo much! )

  5. hollow79 says:

    wait Ganz, where’s the wallpaper and flooring if its inside?

  6. jayturnbug123 says:

    i have nothing against webkinz and know this is off topic. i think that the some of the new webkinz changes arent the best. why are most of the games either for the deluxe membership players are the regular membership players. it makes no sense to me. u have taken away all of the best games and made them for people with memberships. i have played webkinz since i was little. to see so many changes made it is not fair. it is especially not fair for those of us who have expired memberships and do not have the money to renew it. alot has changed like it does not make sense that furniture items are locked why can u only have a couple rooms. what happened to the webkinz we know and love

  7. simonelion16 says:

    Now I know this is not about the subject but why is EVERYTHING either deluxe and regular membership! Also I do not really like the way you set up the Wshop. It is VERY confusing :(. My friend wanted to make an account and almost all the furniture and games she liked were NOT for free members. What happened to the Webkinz we all knew and loved!!!:(

  8. kingdomheartsnerd says:

    i wish they picked something else… im terrified of mushrooms…

  9. Mascoutah says:

    I LOVE the Toadstool Theme. My #1 favorite is the trampoline. My second favorite is the dining table. Might make an entire room around it Because I suggested the name! My third is the Toadstool Grill. Whoever came up with the name suggestion is really creative! My 4th favorite is a tie between the lamp and bed. My 5th is also a tie between the fireplace and the wardrobe. I really like those name suggestions! Hope you all have a great day! ;)

  10. MiniPines101 says:

    Awh, that theme looks cute. :D I hope I can get it when it comes out.

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