Christmas Room Themes Available Now!


The brand new Christmas Cabin room theme is now available to buy from the W-Shop for KinzCash. You’ll find it in the NEW & PROMOS section of the shop. This room theme is available on web and on the Webkinz mobile app.


Want to hear the artists talk about creating this year’s holiday room theme? Michael and Mandy had Mike and Erik, two of our talented Webkinz artists, on Podkinz Ep 110. You can watch this special episode of Podkinz HERE.



The Countryside Christmas room theme is also returning for another year, but here’s the catch: You’ll only be able to find it on the Webkinz mobile app. Create a winter wonderland for your pets by building them a special Countryside Christmas room.



Once you pets have finished playing in the countryside, they can curl up by the fireplace and warm up in their very own Christmas Cabin!


These two holiday room themes are only available until Dec 31st, so make sure you get them before they’re retired for another year…


61 Responses to Christmas Room Themes Available Now!

  1. iPuppy says:

    I would love to have a few new Christmas items that would work in any Christmas room, similar to the Party Time Snacks and Party Time Presents but with a Christmas flair. The wrapped gifts would be great for all the Christmas trees that don’t have gifts as part of the item, and any Christmas indoor room could use some refreshments when it’s time for Holiday party!

  2. LeoGrimm says:

    I think there is an error with the Christmas Cabin bunk beds. I can get one pet on it, but not two. The description says two pets can sleep on it, but no matter how I turn the bed or where I click on it, instead of putting my second pet to bed, it just selects the first one that is already on the bed.

    • MissKittyMerlin says:

      Hi there! On the Fan Mail with Fiona #91, it says that they have found this bug and it will be updated and fixed on December 19th. Have a great day! :)

  3. kittenhideout says:

    Often in pictures of collection of items, there will be a deluxe symbol to show which items you must have a deluxe account to purchase. I spent so much time on mobile searching for some, then had to get back on the computer to come here & read through comments from players to find out that certain ones are deluxe. Just food for thought, having those items stamped deluxe on the original picture sure would have helped a lot of players. Perhaps you can make an effort to do that more in future posts? BTW, great job on the new theme. I love the rustic/country charm! :-)

  4. eclipse07 says:

    I spent all of my coupons and still can’t afford some.

  5. ringneck1 says:

    I don’t want to be a mooch, but I can’t access webkinz via mobile – is there someone who could send me an icy pond, the logs, and maybe a mailbox?

  6. alucard says:

    I just saw an ad here in Ganz Newz, that said that the Christmas Cabin room theme will “retire” on January 1st. Does this mean it will be gone from the WShop until next December? Or, does it mean “retire” as in will never be seen here again unless it shows up in the Curio Shop? I really love this new theme. So many items will go well with other room themes. I wish Ganz would keep the holiday room themes in the WShop all year, especially since this one is available for everyone to buy! Please consider keeping it in the WShop all year. :-)

    • ringneck1 says:

      I’m also curious if the Santakinz theme will ever return to Webkinz World…I dearly wish I had some pieces from that.

      • Blondie123BBB says:

        Same here with me for the Santakinz room theme and the Halloween 2008 and 2009 Gargoyle theme. I dearly miss the Gargoyle Couch, Desk, and chair… I really hope they bring those items Back, as they were to me considerd (special) and (Unique) and had a Halloween feel to it, like it was…”Alive”!

  7. feona says:

    I am Deluxe and the Countryside Christmas Fence is missing on mobile WW. I wanted few of those fences.

  8. lfrank says:

    This Christmas Cabin theme would be a great one to build on with the Candy Cane collection next year . A couch , chair , rug , stove , fridge, end table , lamp , coffee table and maybe some sort of Christmas arrangement for the table. This is one of my all time favorite themes. Thanks Webkinz!

  9. hwomom says:

    Are there several items missing from the Countryside Christmas theme on the mobile app.? I cannot find the Countryside Christmas Fence, frozen pond or either of the frozen creek tiles. Thanks!

  10. winzarwolf says:

    Plz fix the bunk bed. Thanks for when you do!!

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