Daisy Has Updated Her Menu!


When was the last time you visited Daisy’s Diner in the Clubhouse? The next time you do, look for the Salted Soybeans and Organic Ice Pop, 2 brand new dishes that are only available from Daisy’s Diner:



The Avocade Ice Cream has been removed from the menu to make room for the two new items. Visit Daisy in her diner and click on her for a free dish every day! Here’s a look at the menu:





How are your skills in the kitchen? Aspiring chefs may want to try making a Savory Fruit Sundae, the latest secret recipe to arrive in Webkinz World. The recipe can be made on a stove, blender or sandwich maker but will only work with 3 specific Daisy’s Diner menu items:



Have you collected any of the new Daisy Diner foods? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below…


36 Responses to Daisy Has Updated Her Menu!

  1. nanakinz5 says:

    Awesome! I love making recipes! How many secret recipes does Daisy’s Diner have?

  2. Alphaowlbear says:

    Congratulations, GinnyRainbow, for being the first to make the new recipe and winning that coveted trophy! Well done! I’m looking forward to making it, but haven’t received the Organic Ice Pop from Daisy yet.

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