Design a Pet 2021!

Happy New Year! A new year calls for a new pet design contest! We would like you to design a new Webkinz Classic pet that will be sold by Ganz eStore starting on Webkinz Day – April 29, 2021!


Here’s how it works:


Between January 1 and 31, design a pet that you think would make a great addition to Webkinz World! It can be any kind of pet you like! You can use one of the templates provided below or you can create your own drawing. You can enter as many times as you like!


You can use any kind of art supplies that you want – markers, pencil crayons, crayons, or other art materials. While we will not accept images that have computer generated patterns or graphics copied and added to them, participants may use programs like Paint or Photoshop to color and draw freehand. We can’t accept submissions with company logos or sports team emblems. Please make sure you save your images as a jpg, gif, or png.


You don’t need to include a suggestion for the pet’s PSI and PSF but you can if you want!
Submit your drawing to the Pet Design 2021 Gallery in the Share Center by January 31, 2021.
Wait until February 7, 2021 to see if your design is one of the 10 finalists.


The winner will have their design turned into a real virtual pet in Webkinz World and they will receive a code for their pet when it is added to Webkinz World. They will also receive a 1 Month Deluxe Membership to Webkinz, a virtual Pet Design Trophy, and all ten finalists will each receive a 6 pack of 2021 Winterfest Cookies, courtesy of Ganz eStore.


Download generic template

Download dog template

Download cat template

Download horse template

Download bear template

Download dragon template



Good luck!


See full contest rules here.

118 Responses to Design a Pet 2021!

  1. HarryP150 says:

    Can you use art to fill in the colors?

  2. donkeyhooves says:

    My roadrunner design is approved and in the gallery! To anyone that wanted that pet designed, check it out! ^_^ I’d love some input or a rating

  3. FuzzyFriends says:

    How are the top ten finalists being chosen?

  4. FuzzyFriends says:

    I sent my pictures in, but I got an email that says that there was no image. I resent it and got another email saying the same thing even though I sent it a different way. Also, does the picture have to be moderated first before it goes into my gallery?

    • MsBirdy0608 says:

      I don’t know what’s up with your image- double check to make sure it’s an appropriate format? But it does have to be moderated first before going into your gallery.

  5. HobbitJedi says:

    I tried drawing some pets on paper instead of using my computer to draw! I only submitted 4 so far, but I think it is easier to draw things digitally. :)

  6. arica321 says:

    Hi everyone, I have no friends that play Webkinz so if you could rate my “Gemmy the Starfish” submission I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

  7. Shaya says:

    i wish it were a worldwide contest bc id love to submit my ideas :( good luck to everyone!

  8. zeez02 says:

    All of the designs I’ve seen so far are so creative. Some of the ones I’ve seen are designs I was considering drawing so I’m glad I didn’t haha. Still waiting for my Crystal Lion to be added to the jumble :) I can’t pick a favorite yet, there are so many adorable designs

    • zeez02 says:

      Well, I got an email saying it was approved and added to the gallery but I still couldn’t find it. Is there some way to see the whole gallery at once instead of having to flip through all the pictures again?

      • flyinghorse3 says:

        You can press the button below the description labeled “All”. Press that and go through to options and press on my images. Ten you can immediately see your drawings.

      • FuzzyFriends says:

        No, there isn’t a way to see all the gallery, but you could see your own drawing by clicking “My Gallery” at the top or right side of your device.

  9. FuzzyFriends says:

    I submitted 2 of my drawings twice because I didn’t write the description. I am saying this in case you get confused.

  10. Papaya1212 says:

    I have submitted 2 pets but when I check my share center nothing pops up. But I got an email saying that it was submitted but it never pops up.

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