Did you complete the Community Challenge?

Congratulations! The Webkinz Community comes through again! You watched Podkinz 96 more than 3,000 times! Now everyone can get a Community Code for a FREE virtual Webkinz Day Loot Bag! Each bag contains two awesome item and may contain a Webkinz Spring Fairy Buddy! How did the Fairy Buddies get trapped inside the Loot Bags? Find out here.


Here is your Community Code:



Enter this code in the Code Shop inWebkinz World to receive your Loot Bag, then drag the bag into your room to get your prizes. Did you free a Spring Fairy Buddy? Let us know in the comments below!


Code awards one item per webkinz.com account and expires at midnight EST on May 31, 2018.

88 Responses to Did you complete the Community Challenge?


    I received a Grand Persian Lamp and Quizzie Dining Chair.

  2. LKAGI2 says:

    It’s kind of odd, I claimed code above and did not get anything, got respond that this code was in use already, but I did not use it yet.

  3. Ajoy65 says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize with the community code for the loot bag. Although it was great getting one of these bags, I was a little disappointed with what I received. The Whimsical Wonderland Crooked Wardrobe was nice but nothing to get too excited about. The second item was the Spring Forward Vest which I already have a lot of. I was really hoping for a zum buddy or the fairy. I guess I don’t have any luck with codes or spinning the wheels.

  4. babyssss says:

    I know this is off the topic but I’m so excited! I just bought the Owlet and it’s so cute!!!!! That now makes me have 180 Webkinz pets. Yeah!!!!! I need to ask my friends to help me name my new owl!!! I’m out of names from all of my other pets. I love owls and had a huge collection of items. I have 3 other owls already. Thanks for any help you can give me. Have a great Wacky weekend!!!!

    • Karahjoy6 says:

      Wow!! It’s so amazing to have someone who loves webkinz so much in our community!! Here’s some owl names I like but please don’t name it that if you don’t like it! Penny, Hedwig, maple, or owlet.

  5. puppies4me says:

    JW. Did anyone win the first prize on the left that looks like a log with flowers? Congratulations, if you did! >{^;^}<

  6. alucard says:

    This was really awesome, however, I have two things I really wish I could send to my main account. I really don’t understand why we can’t send everything thru KidzPost. Is it really that big of a deal? I understand that I am not a Deluxe member, but on the occasion that I do get a Deluxe item, or items, from codes like this one, it would be nice to be able to send it to the account that I need it in. I have four accounts. Two are my main accounts where I enjoy my pets and create my rooms. The other two accounts are my ‘helper accounts’, (that’s what I call them). I use those accounts to help me when shopping at the Curio Shop, using them as extra storage, or buying WShop items when designing a new room on one of the main accounts. Today I got two items that I really need in one of my two accounts for my Museum Room. Both items happen to be in the Loot Bags that I opened in my two ‘helper’ accounts. Couldn’t we PLEASE at least send these “Deluxe” items to other accounts? Maybe once a month? Or on the day that we non-Deluxe members are allowed to play Deluxe games and such? If not, then PLEASE explain just WHY we can’t KidPost Deluxe items? It just doesn’t seem fair to have them on accounts that don’t need them. Thank you for the Loot Bags. It was very fun to get them. Just wish I could use all my items that I got. Thanks for understanding.

    • Pupwolf says:

      Having a Deluxe account or a regular account doesn’t matter when you use Kinzpost, or mailing deluxe or regular items, either. The reason you can’t post the items you want to move is because they are from the Estore.

      • alucard says:

        Thank you, Pupwolf! I just think it would be nice if everything that we buy in Webkinz World, be it WShop or the Estore, could be mailed by Kinzpost. It seems to me if we spend real money on items, we should be able to mail them. Maybe they could fix it so we could just mail Estore items to our own accounts. I think we all have items that we would love to send to one of our other accounts. I realize that this will probably never happen, but it’s just so frustrating when you have a special item on one account, and you need it on a different account, but you can’t Kinzpost it simply because it’s Estore. I really don’t understand what the big deal is about not letting us Kidzpost these items. It just seems silly to me that we can’t. But, thank you so much for your reply. :-)

  7. puppies4me says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE FREE CODE! As with others who replied, I did get things I don’t need and can’t send, HOWEVER, I also got some nice things for myself: a Zeta Zum (that I wish I could send to my main account). She does look cute paired with my Chickadee though. They are almost the same size! Too funny! And I TREASURE the Wheel of Wow Arcade Machine, as anyone who has read my other replies about it knows, lol. I also got something my granddaughter loves: a Persephone Designer Manikinz for her sewing / crafts room. And I got things to send if I see someone needing them in the forum. (I just wish I could gift everything I don’t need.) Thank You again for the FREE code! >{^;^}<

  8. puppies4me says:

    Aw bubbashuka! I will send you some things I got. If you don’t need them, just send them back. A lot of what I got is not sendable and is stuck on accounts I don’t need them. But, I AM so happy with my Wheel Of Wow Arcade Machine! >{^;^}<

    • Alphaowlbear says:

      Ooh – the WoW Arcade Machine sounds like a great prize! Congrats puppies4me!

      • puppies4me says:

        Thanks Alphaowlbear! I actually like it better than if I had won a fairy! (Don’t tell Mandy and Michael! LOL) It is a PERFECT addition to my arcade! I hope you got some cool stuff also. >{^;^}<

        • Alphaowlbear says:

          I did get some pretty cool stuff from 3 bags, thanks. My fav is a salad bar that dispenses a daily salad :-) so that went in my diner right away. I got 2 very common items from the Superfan theme that we all have in abundance, but I did win a Superfan Refrigerator that is Estore only, so pleased to have that item as well as it was new to me. I hope we have similar challenges in the future – was lots of fun!

          • puppies4me says:

            I didn’t even know there were eStore Superfan items. I’m glad you got the salad bar dispenser. That sounds awesome! And I’m definitely hoping for similar challenges! >{^;^}<

  9. motherk says:

    We were a little disappointed because although we were lucky enough to get a Zum, it was Zoola who we already had 2 of. So now we have 3. But still, nice to get. We love them and we LOVE community challenges. They are so fun. Thanks everyone.

    • 1954tiny0112 says:

      Grandma tinygma has 3 sets of twin Zum . I have been playing for her sometimes. You get nothing EXTRA for the twins or triplets. BUT I am not Deluxe and I cant use mine in the game at all. Just to wear it sad :( .

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