Did you complete the Community Challenge?

Congratulations! The Webkinz Community comes through again! You watched Podkinz 96 more than 3,000 times! Now everyone can get a Community Code for a FREE virtual Webkinz Day Loot Bag! Each bag contains two awesome item and may contain a Webkinz Spring Fairy Buddy! How did the Fairy Buddies get trapped inside the Loot Bags? Find out here.


Here is your Community Code:



Enter this code in the Code Shop inWebkinz World to receive your Loot Bag, then drag the bag into your room to get your prizes. Did you free a Spring Fairy Buddy? Let us know in the comments below!


Code awards one item per webkinz.com account and expires at midnight EST on May 31, 2018.

78 Responses to Did you complete the Community Challenge?

  1. sundance410 says:

    I got a Modern Green Chair and Decadent Dining Table.


    I received a Grand Persian Lamp and Quizzie Dining Chair.

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