Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

Did you know that once you’ve earned your Crown of Wonder on Arte’s Gem Hunt, there’s more you can do with your gems?




Visit Doug’s Collector’s Room in the Clubhouse to find Doug the Dog. When you see him, click on him.



He’s looking for gems, and if you have what he’s looking for, he’ll trade them for special prizes!



If you don’t have what he’s looking for, you’ll get KinzCash instead. Each prize you get is better than the next one, but make sure you’ve collected lots of gems before going to see him so, you’ll always have what he’s looking for.



Once you’ve received all the prizes from Doug, you can use a different pet to visit the Clubhouse and start trading gems for prizes all over again!




Have YOU ever traded gems with Doug the Dog? Let us know in the comments below!


143 Responses to Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

  1. shoko98 says:

    I traded with Doug 4 times, and I was given the ice cream each one of those times! Has this happened to anyone else?

  2. snuggles565 says:

    just got my small trophy after 8 years for the first time.

  3. gramw says:

    thank you for all your information. I was doing it all wrong and will be visiting Doug in a much different way now.

  4. chance7209 says:

    I Have not seen him in over 6 months

  5. praiseyeezy says:

    I just received a prize of kinzcash from Doug. Has anyone else experienced this? I was supposed to get the Large Gem Finder Trophy instead.

    • praiseyeezy says:

      Edit: I was supposed to get the carved gem fountain :(

      • CastilloFam says:

        If you got kinzcash instead of a prize it is because you didn’t have the gems he wanted.

      • emwonderland says:

        The same thing happened to me. I was also supposed to get the carved gem fountain, but when I gave him the gems he asked for, all I got was kinzcash.

        • gmatiny says:

          I have waited a year an a half most gems I have 40 PLUS SAVED SO i KNOW i HAVE ENOUGH FOR 1 time maybe 2 times ;) Storage rooms for each month 12 of them I labeled each and place like GEM GLASSES in the room that matches. I have used Gem wall papers in each room fron Jan to Emerald so far . FLOOR I keep PLAIN 1 COLOR I store each color gem tiles to match in these rooms Clothing for each room except matching gem is just 1 single type Wings, Halo/crown , hair ,masks see simple and a room empty under it to fill later on . 1 pet lives near these rooms to control closets easily with a kinz care room (<3) symbol makes it easy to find to do pet care since I am there each day. By Halloween costumes I am going to move another pet to live. Christmas clothing is in a different set of like 12 rooms . These are all in a row ! We can move rooms now so I got this started a long time ago 12 rooms a day . But Doug Dog seams to have changed a little in a nice way I have missed 2 days but not in a row . My rewards never skipped a beat I was so HAPPY BUT USE the SAME PET EACH DAY or it changes !!

  6. Alfiecake says:

    Oh boy omg. I sure do want those trophies for my collection !!!

  7. Iphito says:

    Has anyone seen him recently? My daughter and I keep looking for him, but, we never see him. Once a day wouldn’t be so bad if we knew -when- he was expected… I hope he’s not sneaking around in the clubhouse at 2am :/

    • gmatiny says:

      Always in same room . I lately find him between 11:00 and 6:00. Mandy was even in there watching earlier I used my phone and got a picture with her. She spells her name different Mandee but has GANZ hat on GL

  8. Bubblilious1 says:

    Sounds like Doug is semi-retired and is only interested in a little bit of work or maybe he is open for business when he is up to it. I hope he is okay. Maybe Doug should consider posting his work hour(s) on his store window to help reach his customers. The customers could see it when they stop buy or hire some extra help. Maybe Dr. Quack could fill in once in a while or someone else. Anyway, I am sure if we keep checking during the day we will find him. In the meantime I am stocking up on gems.

  9. machaela says:

    I have been playing for over eight years. I did not know you had to use the same pet or that there were more prizes. I have had sooo many ice creams and rock candy though. Who knew! Guess I will pick one pet now for visiting the clubhouse.

  10. bear10201 says:

    I have been playing Webkinz for almost 10 years and only learned within the last year that you need to visit Doug with the same pet to advance through all the prizes. I don’t remember which pet I use each time, I have given up trying to find him as he is only there one hour each day. Too much work, not enough reward in my opinion

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