Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

Did you know that once you’ve earned your Crown of Wonder on Arte’s Gem Hunt, there’s more you can do with your gems?




Visit Doug’s Collector’s Room in the Clubhouse to find Doug the Dog. When you see him, click on him.



He’s looking for gems, and if you have what he’s looking for, he’ll trade them for special prizes!



If you don’t have what he’s looking for, you’ll get KinzCash instead. Each prize you get is better than the next one, but make sure you’ve collected lots of gems before going to see him so, you’ll always have what he’s looking for.



Once you’ve received all the prizes from Doug, you can use a different pet to visit the Clubhouse and start trading gems for prizes all over again!




Have YOU ever traded gems with Doug the Dog? Let us know in the comments below!


145 Responses to Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

  1. luv2all says:

    why do i only get cash every time??? i give him what he wants…

  2. Likell says:

    This is getting VERY frustrating. I thought Doug gave you cash when you did not have the gems he wants. This is the third time he has taken my Rare gems and given me cash (2x) or just taken my gems without giving me the final prize of the gem fountain. It has taken me a long time to finally collect the rare gems that Doug asks for. I think I actually got cash one time when I did not have the gems. Why does Doug take the gems and not give out the prize.

  3. winxclub11 says:

    All I need is the large gem finder trophy and the carved gem fountain!

  4. Likell says:

    I just tried trading with Doug. I had the Gems he wanted, but he gave me cash instead and took the gems. I see this is not a new issue. Guess I will see what happens the next time I do a trade. I am working on the last two.

  5. mamabeart says:

    I’ve been trying to get the prizes, using the same pet each time, but even when I have the fems Doug wants, he takes them and gives me cash (I’ve checked– it’s not a matter of my not having the gems he asks for). It’s very frustrating. If I’d wanted cash, I would have sold the gems to Arte in the first place instead of saving them for Doug. Can this be fixed? What can I do? I’ve only gotten as far as the small trophy, and I really want to keep collecting the prizes!

    • mamabeart says:

      Oops! I’m was far as the Gem Expert Certificate. But still, even when I have the gems Doug is looking for, using the same pet as always, I keep getting cash instead of those last few prizes. And I really, really want the throne, large trophy, and fountain! Please help!

  6. babytwinkleavfk says:

    All i ever get is the rocky road ice cream sadly.

  7. mojo18x2 says:

    thanks, i have been asking about doug for a long time.

  8. Dr Quack Fan says:

    I got ice cream!

  9. rainbowmaddie14 says:

    When is he in the room? Every time i went in there, he is not there.

  10. cutiepie0225 says:

    I’ve been logging on every day to find Doug (with the same pet every time now), and I’ve had the gems he wanted and been given a kinzcash prize instead of the special prizes that I’m supposed to get. I checked and both times this happened he still took away the three common gems each time without getting the prize. I hope this can get fixed, it’s hard getting back so many gems and not getting the prizes!

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