Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

Did you know that once you’ve earned your Crown of Wonder on Arte’s Gem Hunt, there’s more you can do with your gems?




Visit Doug’s Collector’s Room in the Clubhouse to find Doug the Dog. When you see him, click on him.



He’s looking for gems, and if you have what he’s looking for, he’ll trade them for special prizes!



If you don’t have what he’s looking for, you’ll get KinzCash instead. Each prize you get is better than the next one, but make sure you’ve collected lots of gems before going to see him so, you’ll always have what he’s looking for.



Once you’ve received all the prizes from Doug, you can use a different pet to visit the Clubhouse and start trading gems for prizes all over again!




Have YOU ever traded gems with Doug the Dog? Let us know in the comments below!


145 Responses to Doug The Dog Prize Gallery!

  1. unprella says:

    Very frustrated. My next prize was supposed to be the fountain. I was not aware he would give me kinzcash AFTER I already gave him my WEBKINZ DIAMOND!! I read that he gives you cash if you don’t have the gems he wants. If I don’t have the gems he wants he usually won’t give me anything. This is the first time I’ve gotten kinzcash even though I had every diamond he wanted, including my Webkinz Diamond. Can someone please tell me if he will keep giving me kinzcash and randomly give me the fountain? I just want to know if I should keep hunting for another Webkinz Diamond. I only had one.

    • weigi says:

      The same thing has happened to me. One of my pets is waiting to get the last prize, and another pet is waiting to get the last 2 prizes. Each time I do trade a rare gem that I have (and I have all the requested gems), I get kinzcash. This has happened probably 50 times, and I am super frustrated especially when I trade in the rare gems. I try everyday, but I might give up. I sent a message to Webkinz support and they were not helpful. Any suggestions, PLEASE!

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