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September is here, school is back… and I hadn’t had a chance to play with the new clothes added to the KinzStyle Outlet yet! I wanted to see what kind of cute outfits I might make with the new pieces mixed with stuff from my wardrobe… and this is what I came up with!



Outfit 1:  Grapevine Outfit – Sunny Spring Headband – Neon Orange Sandals – Alexandrite Glasses




Outfit 2: Swan Lake Dress – Aquamarine Shoes – Fashion Week Shades – Blue Bow




Outfit 3: Starstruck Jacket – Powder Blue Skirt – Baby Blue Panama Hat – Fashion Week Sneaks – Lavender Frames




Outfit 4: Simply Floral Gown – Sapphire Bow – Gleaming Gold Sandals – Triangular Shades




Outfit 5: Periwinkle Dress – Lavender Headband – Cream Glasses – Pearl Sandals


Which outfit is your favorite? I think I like the Periwinkle Dress the most. While I do love the other dresses, they might be a little on the fancy side for school. I do love the shade of the Starstruck Jacket, though, so I definitely might wear that, too!

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