Enabling Flash on Your Browser


Adobe Flash Player is a plug-in that is required to run Webkinz and access the GanzWorld Share Center on a desktop computer or laptop. With recent updates to some browsers, Flash does not automatically load so your browser may give you a prompt to click-to-play when you log in to webkinz.com, or you may get stuck looking at a screen that looks like this:





Here are some steps to help you enable Flash on your browser.


  1. First of all, make sure you have the most recent version of Flash downloaded and installed on your computer.flash
  2. In Google Chrome, type chrome://settings/content in the url window and select ‘Allow sites to run Flash.’ You can also select which sites you would like to allow to run Flash by clicking ‘Manage Exceptions’ and adding https://www.webkinz.com/ and https://share.ganzworld.com/ to the list.flash
  3. In the Firefox menu, go to ‘Addons’ then ‘Plug-ins’ where you will have the options to ‘Always allow’ or ‘Ask to activate’ in the drop down menu.flash
  4. In Internet Explorer, select ‘Settings’ in the top right menu, go to ‘Manage Addons’, then ‘Tools’, then ‘Extensions’. Click to enable Shockwave Flash.

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  1. nadzynaz says:

    i don’t get how to do this? it would be easier if u maybe had step by step pictures! but ty for letting me know

  2. brookearden13 says:


  3. tinygma says:

    OK I just added the link you showed to Webkinz News . QUESTION IS there a link for WEBKINZ and E-STORE . On my FireFox I can’t SEARCH for things useing a word. and on both WEBKINZ and Chrome I get THROWN out of Vacation Island and get no prize when I win. THAT is why I am asking if there is a link. for FireFox.

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