EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Alyssa the Fairy!




Hi Webkinz Newz readers! It’s Ella McWoof, Kinzville’s resident blogger, and I’m here again with another EXCLUSIVE interview! Today we’re meeting someone truly magical! It’s none other than the good fairy of the Magical Forest—Alyssa!


Alyssa: I’m always looking for friends to talk with!


Ella: So what makes the Magical Forest so… magical?


Alyssa: Well, all of Kinzville is a magical place, but the forest is especially magical because so many enchanted creatures live there, like the fantastic fairies!


Ella: What sort of magical things happen in the Magical Forest?


Alyssa: There are charms to be found in Fairy Falls and Magic Mire. You can also find figures in Woodland Wonders. And don’t forget to search the stars with me and my star challenge! You might even find a way into Zumwhere through the Magical Forest!


Ella: What’s a Pixie Pod Seed?


Alyssa: Pixie Pods Seeds come from Magic Mire and Woodland Wonders. If you find one you can use it to play a fun game in the Magical Forest called Pixie Pod Pachinko to win KinzCash!


Ella: What the deal with Nafaria? Why is she so mean?


Alyssa: Well, let’s just say that Nafaria is used to getting everything she wants, so she doesn’t react well when someone says no to her.


Ella: I’ll bet you’ve said no to her lots of times!


Alyssa: (nodding) That’s why I’m her least favorite fairy around.


Ella: So when she comes around asking for stars, we should just say no?


Alyssa: Sometimes Nafaria will trade a prize for a star, so you just never know. All I can say is not to give her any stars you don’t mind losing if she’s feeling particularly wicked that day.


Ella: Sounds like some fairly-wise advice! Thank you Alyssa!


Alyssa: Thank you Ella! I hope your day is a magical one!




That’s it for my interview with Alyssa! If you were to interview her, what questions would you ask? And who should I interview next? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Kamots55 says:

    Alyssa, why did you have to say no to Nafaria so many times?

    • Fracktail says:

      Probably a variety of reasons. “No, Nafaria, you may not take over the world today. No, Nafaria, you’re not taking my stars. No, Nafaria, that is not edible.” XD

  2. arzi02 says:

    Why is it that in the Star Challenge Logo she is wearing a blue dress and blue makeup, but in all the other logos, she is wearing a green dress and green makeup?

  3. arzi02 says:

    Maybe . . . someone from Adventure Park?

  4. ilovespongebobsomuch says:

    Hey Melody_Dixon and passwordn2, do you want my webkinz username? I want to friend you!!!

  5. ilovespongebobsomuch says:

    OMG please interview Persephone I love her she is a pink poodle like me!!!! Please Webkinz, the people have spoken, interview Persephone!!!! :)

  6. JaneOfAllTrades says:

    Okay this has nothing to do with this interview, but I just want to say I’m having a great day on webkinz!!! I really needed kinzcash so I played Pizza palace and got a really good score and lots of kc, then I did wishing well 2 and got 3 wishing wells in a row whick meant 1000 kc!!!! Then I got a really good score on jumbleberry fields, got 400 kc on pixie pod pachinko, and got 200 kc from the charm forest. Woohoooooo!!!!!

  7. cranberry123 says:


    • playnowpuppy says:

      I think I like Nafarias dress better then Alyssas but I like Alyssa better then Nafaria Alyssa is so nice by the way u should interview Miss. Cowaline (sorry if I spelled it wrong)

  8. ncg0824 says:

    momo4cookie, the fairy duel is part of wekbinz friends.

  9. momo4cookie says:

    Wasn’t there supposed to be some challenge, where we could choose either Alyssa or Nafaria a while a ago?

  10. Exora says:

    already knew all of this . . . .

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