EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Alyssa the Fairy!




Hi Webkinz Newz readers! It’s Ella McWoof, Kinzville’s resident blogger, and I’m here again with another EXCLUSIVE interview! Today we’re meeting someone truly magical! It’s none other than the good fairy of the Magical Forest—Alyssa!


Alyssa: I’m always looking for friends to talk with!


Ella: So what makes the Magical Forest so… magical?


Alyssa: Well, all of Kinzville is a magical place, but the forest is especially magical because so many enchanted creatures live there, like the fantastic fairies!


Ella: What sort of magical things happen in the Magical Forest?


Alyssa: There are charms to be found in Fairy Falls and Magic Mire. You can also find figures in Woodland Wonders. And don’t forget to search the stars with me and my star challenge! You might even find a way into Zumwhere through the Magical Forest!


Ella: What’s a Pixie Pod Seed?


Alyssa: Pixie Pods Seeds come from Magic Mire and Woodland Wonders. If you find one you can use it to play a fun game in the Magical Forest called Pixie Pod Pachinko to win KinzCash!


Ella: What the deal with Nafaria? Why is she so mean?


Alyssa: Well, let’s just say that Nafaria is used to getting everything she wants, so she doesn’t react well when someone says no to her.


Ella: I’ll bet you’ve said no to her lots of times!


Alyssa: (nodding) That’s why I’m her least favorite fairy around.


Ella: So when she comes around asking for stars, we should just say no?


Alyssa: Sometimes Nafaria will trade a prize for a star, so you just never know. All I can say is not to give her any stars you don’t mind losing if she’s feeling particularly wicked that day.


Ella: Sounds like some fairly-wise advice! Thank you Alyssa!


Alyssa: Thank you Ella! I hope your day is a magical one!




That’s it for my interview with Alyssa! If you were to interview her, what questions would you ask? And who should I interview next? Let me know in the comments below!


93 Responses to EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Alyssa the Fairy!

  1. srstein11 says:

    wow Alyssa is so cool but i wonder about Nafaria why is she used to getting everything she wants …i’m sure no one else ever gets that

    • prprprprp says:

      Maybe because she used to be the Queen of the Good Fairies…and now she is the Queen of the Bad Fairies. Sometimes people (or fairies, LOL) get used to getting whatever they want when they rule…

  2. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    where do we see jerry the frog?

    • prprprprp says:

      Sometimes he is judge in Webkinz Super Modelz Tournament Arena game, also sometimes the judge of the cooking competition game (forgot the name) in the Tournament Arena, also sometimes a judge of real competitions in Fred Rovers stadium, and he is one of the charecters on some of the blocks in the Tile Towers Arcade game, as I have said in the comment above answering Trixiepinkie3. Oh wait, you are Trikiepinkie3!! LOL! :D That was unexpected! Well, I hope this helps anyway! :)

  3. Trixiepinkie3 says:

    where do we see jerry the frog? I’m not sure where he is to encounter him

    • prprprprp says:

      Well, sometimes he is a judge in the Super Modelz Tournament Arena game, also sometimes in the cooking competition game, sometimes a judge of the real competitions, and he is one of the charectors on one of the blocks in Tile Towers Arcade game. I hope this helps! :)

  4. Rebecca2004 says:

    Ella,I think you should interview Nafaria next. You know,to see her side of the story about Alyssa.

  5. Fracktail says:

    This was cute, but I was a little disappointed at the terse explanation about Nafaria. I wish we could hear a more interesting backstory (perhaps in a W-Tales story or on Webkinz Newz?)

  6. princesssheridanrose says:

    Have they already had an interview with Plumpy? If so I want to see it, if not you guys should make one, I love Plumpy’s advice and anything to do with her! I also like PJ Collie she’s a good Webkinz host as well. Or we could always do an interview on Wacky, many people love him, he’s adorable! I hope I was a help to your decision!

  7. oudoll2 says:

    Congrats on your wonderful day! It’s so nice when people share good news. It gives us all a boost. I hope your tomorrow rocks too! If anyone wants a good friend, add me to your list. Not bragging just mean I play everyday and I play in Adventure Park and Hamster Hamlet. Anyway my name is B00T00 Those are zeroes not O’s. Thanks!

  8. AbigailGriz says:

    if anyone has the spring fling fun slide or the butterfly cherry blossom tree please leave a comment below telling me what you want and we can schedule a time in the trading room. i’m monkeygriz

  9. Julie3 says:

    please interview Arty the dog I love dogs :)

  10. cimba2013 says:

    I wish the magical forest could be open for full members not just Deluxe :(

    • Fracktail says:

      It isn’t for Deluxe; if you buy a Webkinz Charm (Series 1 or 2), a Webkinz Figure, a Kinz Klip, or a Zumbuddy, you can access different areas of the Magical Forest.

    • prprprprp says:

      It isn’t only for Deuxe members, cimba2013! If you buy a series 1 or 2 Webkinz Charm, a Kinz Klip, a Zumbuddy, or a Webkinz Figure, you can access different parts of the Magical Forest. The reason why it has Deluxe symbols on all of the activities, is because a while ago, GANZ decided that Deluxe members did not have to buy any of the above mentioned items. They could play it for free. But you still play too, even if you are not a Deluxe member, if you buy on those items that I just mentioned, the Kinz Klip, Zumbuddy, Webkinz Charm, or Webkinz Figure. I hope this helps!

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