Fall Clothing Line Available Now

PJ is back with the Fall 2019 Clothing line, as well as a couple of NEW Halloween costumes! Head to the KinzStyle Outlet to check them out!




NOTE: There are no trophies awarded for solving clothing recipes.


This year’s new Halloween costumes are the Adventure Scout and Sea Monster!




Which pieces are your favorite? What is your pet going to be for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments below!

64 Responses to Fall Clothing Line Available Now

  1. kira420 says:

    Does anyone know the recipe for the olive pantsuit? I haven’t cracked it yet and I would really like one! My username for webkinz is kira420 if you wanna message me!

  2. Iheartaardvarks12345 says:

    Aaah–both of the recipe items are adorable! I’m not sure which I like better, haha. Shame some of the recipe items are locked behind deluxe (and free, but I can understand that at least).

  3. queenz says:

    Can anyone post the new clothing recipes or at least clues? Especially the dress? I’m using up all my kinzcash at the style outlet. I’m not deluxe, but I have deluxe friends who would send me pieces if they knew what they were. They haven’t solved them either. My user name is queenzofkinz.

  4. Beckinz8 says:

    Hi everyone! I constructed really great hint posts, BUT they did not get posted/got deleted. Are we allowed to give any hints? There are lots of players who can’t afford to figure it out without hints. I only got it because generous, wonderful friends gifted me the recipe pieces. Hopefully someone will let me know if hints are allowed.

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