Fall Clothing Line Available Now

PJ is back with the Fall 2019 Clothing line, as well as a couple of NEW Halloween costumes! Head to the KinzStyle Outlet to check them out!




NOTE: There are no trophies awarded for solving clothing recipes.


This year’s new Halloween costumes are the Adventure Scout and Sea Monster!




Which pieces are your favorite? What is your pet going to be for Halloween this year? Tell us in the comments below!

64 Responses to Fall Clothing Line Available Now

  1. oudoll2 says:

    If I don’t figure out the recipe soon my girls are going to drive me insane. LOL!!

  2. sambear2 says:

    Hello dogfish. I have figured out the summer recipes,(with help) so I now only need the fall recipes. I would greatly appreciate it. Have a PAWSOME day.

    • dogfish says:

      Hi Sambear, I sent the new ones and never need a return gift. If you don’t know who I am, you can go to news blog here and “search” my user. I have almost as many pixels as Ganz so never need anything but a note. I collect extra on tons of accounts and always share what I have. Have a great day, DF

      • rainyukl says:

        Hello dogfish, I was wondering if you would please either send me the summer recipes clothes and the new fall ones or the recipes? I used to be deluxe but haven’t been able to afford it for A while. Thank you very much. my user name is rainyu

        • dogfish says:

          Hi Rainyuki, I sent FR to you, and if Alpha sends the recipes too that’s fine. I sent to anyone that asked but LMK if I send the same ones twice. It gets confusing with so many requests and too many accts. DF

  3. orangewing2020 says:

    If anyone has any hints for the recipes, that would really help because I know they won’t allow us to post the direct recipe here, but it makes it more fun! Hints would be amazing though because I lost a lot of K.C. last time… haha, my fault, of course, but I don’t want that to happen again, haha

  4. wyostorm says:

    I could use help with the clothing recipes. Thanks

  5. rainyukl says:

    Hello could someone send me the recipe or clothes ? Please and thank you. My user name is rainyu

  6. AbbyLC200u says:

    Hello! Could someone send me the clothes for the recipes for the fall clothing line sincerely I cannot buy anymore of the deluxe clothes to solve the recipes? I you would, I would greatly appreciate it. My username is AbbyLC2007. Thank you so much!

  7. rynniepoo says:

    Although if someone had figured out the recipes, feel free to send them to me lol. my UN is the same on Webkinz

  8. rynniepoo says:

    Honestly I feel like the new monthly clothing recipes are kind of a bad idea…I mean the ingredients are so EXPENSIVE. Not to mention it is unfair to non deluxe players unless a friend sends them the clothes, which still takes a lotta kinzcash on their part.

  9. RollingInStuffies says:

    Neon clothes are on sale in the w shop still

    • mirforbjs says:

      And I think all the neon clothes are non-deluxe now because there is no deluxe symbol next to the clothes that used to be deluxe last month. At least that’s how it is on my account.

  10. Sparklegirl560 says:

    Can someone please send me the deluxe Halloween outfit too? I really like it but I’m not deluxe. My username is Sparklegirl560

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