Fan Mail with Fiona #100

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).




Ok. So I have been waiting a long time to ask you this question. I missed the make a new webkinz challenge and I thought that you could take some possible interest into this new *possibly but probably not* webkinz I thought of. Could I send you a picture of my drawing and get back to me soon? Thanks, I would really appreciate it. – Cashdog2006





Hi, Cashdog2006! You have a couple of options — you can submit your suggestion to the Fan Art section of the Share Center, wait for the next pet design contest, or send it to (they can then pass it on to the creative department). Unfortunately, you won’t get a response to your suggestion, but we’re always happy to receive them!





Hey Fiona! Are there any plans to add new games to the tournament arena? That would be really exciting! -itswebkinztime





Thanks for your suggestion, itswebkinztime. Is there a particular kind of game you’re hoping to see? Can’t make any promises, but you never know!






Dear Fiona, I have been robbed : ( I was using my Wish Tokens to buy the Cabin Window, and it got stuck, and when I went back into my account- it had taken my 40 tokens and never gave me my window!!! Can you help? My account name is Happy Campers. Thanks for helping!!!!! – HartLakeKids




Sorry to hear that, HartLakeKids! Whenever you encounter something like this, your best bet is to send an email to so they can investigate.








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70 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #100

  1. TUBARINA says:

    Is it possible to change my username? Thank you!

  2. chanticleer3100 says:

    how come none of my tv’s work?!

  3. socer10 says:

    What is a Super School Day at the Academy?

  4. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Hey, Fiona! So the new After School Room in the Webkinz Clubhouse has no dispenser… What’s the point of hanging around if there’s no free food when your Webkinz are hungry?! Maybe Ganz could promote a new dispenser in there or use an older one? Thanks! Have a swagalicious, fantabulous and victorious day!


  5. Neette says:

    Having a little problem getting in. It keeps telling me – We’re Making Updates Be Back Soon ! I have to go in and out – on the 3rd or 4th time it lets me come in to Webkinz. Is anyone else having a problem ?

  6. sillygatito says:

    q: are we going to be able to talk to our webkinz again? they said different things with the buttons we talk to them in the house, and my webkinz used to say something different when i fed her favorite food (cupcakes), she said its her favorite!(which is true) now since webkinz updated she says the same thing as every other foods. and in the arcade webkinz used to say things about your score, like if you reached a high score… when i talked to my webkinz in my house my pet says lots of different things, are you going to bring this back? at least with the same dialogue would be nice to talk to my pet again

  7. JD23455 says:

    When will we be able to invite other players to our houses again? I have friends who want to play in my awesome backyard!

  8. snuggles565 says:

    I wish there was an email adress we could send these questions to!

  9. Neette says:

    I have 2 Questions :) :) First – The Mosaic Tile – Is there any way I can buy them ? ? I need 6 Blue = 6 Pink = 2 Green = 7 Yellow If your going to give them out this year I can wait If not can I buy them somewhere ? Second Is there any way I can buy The Enchanted Tiara. Most of mine wear them all the time. But my new ones do not for I ran out. No hurry in answering Just wanted a heads up on the two questions. THANK YOU :) :) :) :)

    • ImaPepper says:

      Hi, Neette–regarding the Enchanted Tiara, it is one of the GW Moneyz prizes here on Newz. Each one is 1500 Moneyz, which you can earn in three days, if you don’t have any saved up at this time. I believe they are also sendable and tradeable, so maybe you could find some in the trading room.

  10. Zooooooz says:

    Here’s a random question :) Is the prize for Dunk the Zingoz always KC 30? My throws are always nice :) so why does the game give me four throws when all I ever need is one?

    • ImaPepper says:

      I heard a rumor that there is a trophy; but, I’ve never won one or seen one. I’ve also wondered why the game only awards one prize. One day I hope to win the trophy–if it’s real…right now it’s kinda like a dragon or unicorn. It’s Webkinz World’s very own mythical creature, lol. Good luck!

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