Fan Mail with Fiona #103

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you! Don’t forget, you can add me as a friend by going to KinzChat and adding Fiona Feathers (include the space!).




Hi! I’ve wondered for several years what Polarberry tastes like/what you’d imagine it to taste like. It looks so delicious, and it’s the greatest of all the berries! At least, in my opinion (: A friend of mine would also like to know What Goo Goo Berry tastes like. – Wysteria





What a wonderful question, Wysteria! I decided to taste both a Goo-Goo Berry and a Polarberry and see for myself. The Polarberry reminded me a bit of blueberry, but with a hint of mint! It was juicy and refreshing… and made my mouth feel cold. The Goo-Goo Berry was very chewy — kind of like a bubblegum texture, and each chew tasted a bit different… a little bit of strawberry… a little bit of kiwi… even a little bit of banana. I have a feeling that these special fruit probably taste different to everyone who tries them!





Dear Fiona, could you tell us the best ways to get exclusive items? If we send a letter to Webkinz (to the address listed) what will happen? – snowpuff529





Thanks for your questions, snowpuff529! I’ll answer your second question first… if you send it to the address listed below, it will eventually get forwarded to my office, and I might pick it to post here! (Comments are obviously faster, and don’t require postage!) As for your first question, here goes:

There are a few ways you can get your own Exclusive items. 1.) You’ll get a random Exclusive item with every pet adoption. 2.) You can collect and redeem Wish Tokens in the Wish Factory to get the Exclusive item of your choice. 3.) If you get three Wishing Wells in the middle of row of Wishing Well 2, you can pick the Exclusive item of your choice. 4.) You can trade for one in the Trading Room.

Hope that helps!








Hi Fiona! I really love the game “Hatch the Dragon,” but I’m not a Deluxe Member and aren’t really interested in becoming one. In the mobile app, I can buy a Deluxe game for 2500 eStore points. If I do this, will it also be unlocked on the desktop version? – OfficialSassy




I like Hatch the Dragon, too! When you unlock a game on the mobile app, it only applies to the mobile app — you would still need a Deluxe membership to play the game through the browser or the Desktop app. The Desktop app is not a version of the mobile app, so they don’t share that kind of information. But once you’ve unlocked it on mobile, you’ll always have access to the game through the mobile app, whether you’ve got a free, full or Deluxe membership!








Want to write to Webkinz?

Send your letters to:

Ganz #04360 Industrial Parkway

Cheektowaga, NY



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70 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #103

  1. creek4kids says:

    Dear Fiona, Could you please include an in-game Webkinz coloring book? I could be wrong but this seems relatively easy to do: include some templates of Webkinz pets (maybe not so much characters; just popular/new/old pets) and allow players to fill-in the closed spaces with whichever colors of their choosing. That would be AWESOME!

  2. 1Emerald1 says:

    Dear Fiona, How have you been? It’s been quite a while since I’ve written to you. I have a question/suggestion. Now that the Trick or Treat theme is available, we really need a night sky wall paper to go with. The Aquatic Expedition wall paper is a reasonable stand-in, but what we really need is for Alyssa’s Star Challenge wall paper to return to the estore. Will it ever be back? If not, I’d like to suggest a nighttime sky wall paper with a moon. Our trick or treaters need the right room environment for the awesome new theme! Thanks, Fiona. Have a spooktacular Halloween! ~ Emerald

  3. BAMBI2010 says:

    I am having a problem with my challenge Earn While They Learn – I have played Quizzy’s Question Corner and has not gotten 1 KinzCash I need 25. Also I sent epoints to this account and it did not arrive. What gives WW?

  4. itmustbenice says:

    First of all I do not consider ANY snake to be a toy. When I received 4 snakes out of 9 from flowing leaves it was very disappointing.Anything else would have been welcome. By the way been a member for over 10 years.

  5. SugarP says:

    Hi Fiona! I’m curious about the items that play songs, such as the pianos. I know that one of the pianos plays moonlight sonata by Beethoven but some of them sound like original pieces. I’m particularly interested in the music for the Haunted Organ. Where does the inspiration for the music come from?

  6. Ajoy65 says:

    I have no idea how to play Zingoz Switcheroo. Tried several times, always lose. I guess I won’t be able to finish the deluxe challenge.

    • BAMBI2010 says:

      I could not win the game either – lost Deluxe items – should have been just play the game not win it since so many have had problems winning

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      I had a horrible time with Zingoz Switcharoo, even after taking the time to watch the podcast when Mandy & Michael played the game & supposedly gave tips. No deluxe challenge prize for me this September! I love the bass & am sorely disappointed.

  7. rainonyx says:

    i got a question why dose my hi score not exist ive gotten a high score of the day twice on flutterbuged and i check back an hour later and ive been replace by the pervios lower score what the heck this has happend to me twice now im not even in the high scores for the month and i was but then it vanished i even screen shoted it T-T

  8. behe123 says:

    We can put our rooms at Room Design just emailing or exist a share centre gallery in what we can post our rooms for Room Designs? This contest is opened for everybody or just for players from Canada and US?

  9. kaye10 says:

    Hi Fiona, Here’s a question I have wanted to ask for some time: when trading in the general clubhouse (where remarks are pre-scripted), I have long noticed that some people can ask questions/make comments –such as “is there anything else you want to trade?”– which just are not options on our account. I am a parent and have checked that there is not a restriction on the account. Can you please explain/advise? Much appreciated, karen

  10. Bernie3333 says:

    Dear Fiona: I always enjoy reading your letters because they answer some questions I may have. My question is, “Have any foods been retired that are part of an unsolved recipe?” And, if so, would you announce that recipe so we don’t keep trying? I was lucky to receive a trophy for solving a recipe. It’s the Boiled Wyvernacle: Using a stove, combine the Pumpkin Pop, Lollipop and Dragon Fruit. It was unsolved for over 6 years so it was exciting to have solved it and its a fun recipe for Halloween. Thanks, Bernie3

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