Fan Mail with Fiona #49

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you!




So I can just write my question here? SWEET! Ok, Hi Fiona! This is my first time doing this but here goes nothing. I love to write, I love to write songs too. and there is so many cool songs in Music Starz in Webkinz World. I was wondering, is there any way to write a song about a pet that can be in the Music Starz? I know that all of the songs are about pets of the month but could I just chose a pet to write about? I hope you can answer my question. -orangewing2020


Thanks for writing, orangewing2020! While nothing is impossible, it’s unlikely that Music Starz will be updated any time soon — but you’re more than welcome to write songs about Webkinz pets! If you end up recording your songs and posting them on YouTube, they might be featured right here on Webkinz Newz in our Movie Showcase!




Hello, Fiona! Thanks for answering all these questions! Here is my question: Will Hatch The Dragon ever be for non-deluxe members on mobile? When it first came out on mobile all players could play it, and then it ended. I was hoping you’d bring that back for non-deluxe members like it was when it first came out. Thanks! – winterwarriorwolf


Hatch the Dragon is one of my favorite games! Unfortunately, it was always meant to be a Deluxe game — it looks like something got missed when it was added to the mobile app. So, no, it won’t be changed to a non-Deluxe game. At least you got to try it out, and you can always play it when it’s the Game of the Day on the website!




Hi Fiona! Is Ganz going to make any more Rockerz Pets? Cause I have collected every single Rockerz there is. I would really love it if Ganz did. Would you think a Rockerz Husky would be cool? ShadowMist12


A Rockerz Husky WOULD be cool! Right now, there aren’t any plans to make new Rockerz pets, but who knows? Maybe one day in the future they’ll revive the line and you’ll get to adopt your very own Rockerz Husky!








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135 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #49

  1. foxmillionair says:

    There are so many glitches that happen when I’m in the trading room is it my old computer thats making it not work?

  2. kinzwars says:

    Hi Fiona-I want to know how to get the trophy I won but didn’t get by beating all 30 levels of Jumbleberry Blast. I emailed Ganz but they didn’t care. The instructions and Webkinz News both say there is a trophy. I think there is a program bug and it needs fixing. That game is too hard to beat and not get the reward promised!! Thanks

  3. nada says:

    Hey Fiona, On my quests i can’t do the games because I am a free member. Can you make it so free members can do games for the quests Sincerily, Nada

  4. alithia says:

    I do not like the new Atlantiles game, why was it changed, can I play the old Atlantiles game?

  5. boper911 says:

    Hi Fiona… How do I improve my pets chances at the Webkinz Stadium? My pet has graduated from the Kinzville Academy but still doesn’t win. Do some types of pets have better chances than others? For example, does a rabbit have better odds in the running race compared to a turtle? Thanks!

  6. ganz1331 says:

    Hi Fiona! I was wondering If you could re name your pet.( you’ve probably been asked this before) :)

  7. jillton says:

    Hi Fiona, It’s just I named a pet something I didn’t want. Can I change the name anyway at all? And um do you know if I can run for mayor of Webkinz?

  8. jillton says:

    Dear Fiona, How do you get zums? For zum world. From:Jillton

  9. queenali says:

    Hi Fiona, I have 1 request for 2 different topics (berries and farming). For the berries, I tend to accumulate them so my jars are always full. This becomes very tedious when I do claim a prize and the jar goes empty. Then I must click on 100 berries one at a time to fill my jar back up. Will there be an easier solution to drag more than 1 berry into a jar? Similarly for my vegetable crops, once they are ready to be harvest, I click on each one to bring them to my dock. Will there be a way to gather them more quickly in a fewer clicks? Yeah my finger is getting lazy… Thanks so much!! Btw, I too am having great difficulty in passing strength level in the academy. I am stuck on level 8 and this is the only class that is preventing me from getting my certificate. I have 10 on all the other levels. Any suggestions/help for this? Again thanks so much!! queenali

  10. mnswp2 says:

    Unable to send packages or letters to anyone when in Webkinz. Click on mailbox then package or mail and the contacts do not show

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