Fan Mail with Fiona #49

It’s me, Fiona, back for another round of fan mail! As always, for my past answers, click here! If you miss me, you can always head to KinzPost and send a letter or a package, and I’ll deliver it for you!




So I can just write my question here? SWEET! Ok, Hi Fiona! This is my first time doing this but here goes nothing. I love to write, I love to write songs too. and there is so many cool songs in Music Starz in Webkinz World. I was wondering, is there any way to write a song about a pet that can be in the Music Starz? I know that all of the songs are about pets of the month but could I just chose a pet to write about? I hope you can answer my question. -orangewing2020


Thanks for writing, orangewing2020! While nothing is impossible, it’s unlikely that Music Starz will be updated any time soon — but you’re more than welcome to write songs about Webkinz pets! If you end up recording your songs and posting them on YouTube, they might be featured right here on Webkinz Newz in our Movie Showcase!




Hello, Fiona! Thanks for answering all these questions! Here is my question: Will Hatch The Dragon ever be for non-deluxe members on mobile? When it first came out on mobile all players could play it, and then it ended. I was hoping you’d bring that back for non-deluxe members like it was when it first came out. Thanks! – winterwarriorwolf


Hatch the Dragon is one of my favorite games! Unfortunately, it was always meant to be a Deluxe game — it looks like something got missed when it was added to the mobile app. So, no, it won’t be changed to a non-Deluxe game. At least you got to try it out, and you can always play it when it’s the Game of the Day on the website!




Hi Fiona! Is Ganz going to make any more Rockerz Pets? Cause I have collected every single Rockerz there is. I would really love it if Ganz did. Would you think a Rockerz Husky would be cool? ShadowMist12


A Rockerz Husky WOULD be cool! Right now, there aren’t any plans to make new Rockerz pets, but who knows? Maybe one day in the future they’ll revive the line and you’ll get to adopt your very own Rockerz Husky!








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135 Responses to Fan Mail with Fiona #49

  1. 1013mom says:

    Hi Fiona…. Do you really need 300 wish tokens for the Flowing Ribbons 4 post bed and 300 wish tokens for the Raziel Slide? I thought I read somewhere before that this was a mistake and it was going to be corrected? Please let us Webkinz fans know… Thanks!

  2. gigiliz says:

    You forgot again to ad to Daily activities WACKY SNACK PACK for Deluxe Webkinz’s!

  3. gigiliz says:

    We still cannot login to Coral Cove from 1 to 2 PM ET and we asked you to help us with it! It is not funny at all!

  4. LKAGI2 says:

    We asked you to help us with Coral Cove, but still not working from 1 to 2 PM ET!

  5. TheMamaDragon says:

    Dear Fiona, with more browsers dropping support for Shockwave, what is being done to update? Last time when they dropped Unity you dropped the hamsters’ world, are we looking at the end of Webkinz? TheMamaDragon

  6. nada says:

    Hey Fiona i know i wrote in this same comment area a couple weeks ago but all the pools won’t let me swim in them so if you could fix that i would be so……………. happy thnx nada

  7. LKAGI2 says:

    I’m sorry Fiona, but it is no fun at all: over week my siblings and I cannot login to Coral Cove from 1 to 2 PM. Can you pass, please this message to technical guys and help us to fix it! Thanks!

  8. kiwikat says:

    Hi Fiona, I was just wondering why the pets are sad (bottom left) when they awake and doing daily activites (swimming, trampoline, treadmil) they should be smiling too when they swim and stuff. The pets only put on their happy faces when I put them back to bed which some are asleep for days…..tnt3636

  9. LuckyTheBeagle says:

    Dear Fiona, I hope my comment doesn’t come across as rude, but is there a way that kinzcash could be removed from prize wheels? Or could there be a separate wheel, called “The Wheel of Kinzcash”, or something like that? It’s just that, every time there’s a special wheel on Webkinz (Wheel of Wishes, Wheel of Yum, etc.), I almost always win Kinzcash, and I seldom ever win items. (I also am very busy with school and homework, so I can’t go to the Curio Shop very often.) I’m not allowed to upgrade to Deluxe, so I can’t get those items that are available for E-store points. Also kinzcash is very easy to get, I normally can get 100 kinzcash, just by playing Polarberry Jam. And pretty much, the only things you can do with kinzcash are buy rooms, W-Shop items, clothing from Kinzstyle Outlet, and I think that’s about it. (please let me know if I missed any) Thanks, and have a wonderful day! :)

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