Find the Lil Spring Calf Ad! April 21 – 23

The cows have come home! Lil Spring Calves are three new spring pets available from Ganz eStore. And this weekend, these sweet little cows are hiding around Webkinz World. Look for them for a chance to win a fresh spring trio, the Fresh Air Table and two Fresh Air Chairs.


On Friday, April 21, find the Yellow Calf to win a Fresh Air Chair!



On Saturday, April 22, find the Green Calf to win another Fresh Air Chair!



On Sunday, April 23, complete your set by finding the Purple Calf to win the Fresh Air Table!



Your pets will love dining in the open air around this adorable furniture set. And don’t forget – you can find the Lil Spring Calves for a limited time at Ganz eStore!


This event requires ads to be turned on.

65 Responses to Find the Lil Spring Calf Ad! April 21 – 23

  1. RainbowDash20PercentCoole says:

    Aww! They’re soo cute!

  2. bubbashuka says:

    Sweet! This is awesome. Aren’t the side table and chairs rare?

  3. ilovemoonie says:

    Cool! Hopefully I’ll be able to find these ads! :) Thanks for the chance to get these nice items, Ganz! :)

  4. kittymade10 says:

    I love the table and chairs! I will try to do this.

  5. TaffyKitty12 says:

    Cool! Sadly, though, I’ll be pretty busy this weekend, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to go on and get the ads for that day :/ But, thanks so much, Ganz, for giving us a chance to earn these prizes; I hope I can at least get one of them!

  6. natalie13 says:

    They are sooooooooooo pretty ! Thanks ganz

  7. greenmagic77 says:

    I hope to find them!

  8. _emiemiemiemiemi_ says:

    Oh, cool! Thanks, Ganz people. ;P I don’t know if I’ll be able to get these, but I’m thankful for the chance at a free prize!

  9. chirtygirl74 says:

    Love this furniture set! Goes great in my spring time rooms:) Thank you for chance to get another set:)

  10. Spiderhulkman says:

    Ooo! I love those chairs and table . I look forward to finding those ads.

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