Grapplesnap: Super Chef Recipe Revealed!


If you have a Webkinz that loves to be the teacher’s pet, they’ll want to learn how to make this A+ apple-shaped recipe food!


Just combine these three WShop ingredients in any blender and you’ll create a sensational sippy drink called Grapplesnap!





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30 Responses to Grapplesnap: Super Chef Recipe Revealed!

  1. kaye10 says:

    sorry but oooooooo! Grossest recipe ever! -k.

  2. 9boogirl says:

    Ick – Baked Beans? IN A SIPPIE CUP? I won’t be drinking this, thank you. But the juice and grapes both sound good! Wait, who came up with this, Ganz? If it was the Creative Team, tell them that they’re, uh, ‘creative!’

  3. Amneris says:

    Congrats to monkeecj, who solved this recipe in 2009!

  4. TopHatCat999 says:

    This recipe was solved a long time ago by the Webkinz community… You just have to look up some of the recipes that WEBKINZ NEWZ has not revealed yet. You’ll find quite a few.

  5. AmericanCivilWar1861 says:

    Hi Ganz I know this is irrelevant and you probably get sick of people asking these kinds of questions…. but do you think someday in the future you’ll ever make a Webkinz Great Dane?

  6. Beckinz8 says:

    Here’s my recipe question – Does a lot of thought go into which ingredients should be combined to make each recipe, or does the webkinz team just use a dartboard and a blindfold, and say, “That will really stump them!”? LOL

  7. bubbashuka says:

    Baked beans in a drink? WITH GRAPES AND JUICE?! Yuck!! XP I still wouldn’t try it even without the baked beans… I hate apple juice. Luckily my pets are not picky! XD

  8. 1Emerald1 says:

    Cool, the secret recipe archive is such a good resource. What in the world is wrong with Webkinz World today? The drag-and-glitch is wore than I’ve ever seen it. Most of the games & activities are un-do-able at present. No, it’s not my computer(s) and yes, I’ve jumped through all the usual work-around hoops. Who else is experiencing this devastating slow-down?

  9. 1955tiny says:


  10. Ttgbird14 says:

    I wish I could really eat that, except for the fact that I’d know it had baked beans in it.;)

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