Have You Found the Leprechaun Yet?



He looks like this!


Remember, you can find him in the Clubhouse but you only have until March 17! If you see the Leprechaun, click on him to get a Jelly Coin. Collect all 6 coins to win a gorgeous Leprechaun Statue! Here’s a hint: hang out in 1 Clubhouse room and wait for him to show up… Good luck!



72 Responses to Have You Found the Leprechaun Yet?

  1. Fred04 says:

    I am now able to get logged in with IE7 and I thank you very very much, Ganz. Now I can get my speed classes donw. THANK YOU

  2. glamurouskitty says:


  3. ElsatheSnowQueen says:

    Man he’s Quick-as-a-bunny! He is so hard! I don’t know were he hops next! Its so cool, but it ended, :( Never got a chance for a prize.

  4. CountryKinz17 says:

    I only got one jelly coin and that was last night, OH WELL!!!!! lol

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