Hoo is Taking Over the Apple Tree in the Park?


The Farm Kitten got a big surprise this morning when it went to Kinzville Park to pick an apple for the teacher! Someone is busy building a nest in the apple tree! Three someones in fact!


The new Lil Owl trio arrives at Ganz eStore for a Deluxe Pre-Sale from September 16 to 18.


While they’re here they’re taking over the apple tree and giving it a sweet twist!


Every day between September 16 to 18, click on the tree to have a Caramel Prize Apple added to your Dock. Drag it into your pet’s room to have one of the following prizes added to your account.


Then, when the owls fly away after September 18, come back for more Prize Apples until the end of the month!


37 Responses to Hoo is Taking Over the Apple Tree in the Park?

  1. grampam313 says:

    Was disappointed this didn’t last longer. Wanted the dipped apple seeds too. Sigh!

  2. drebus says:

    I was disappointed this didn’t last longer because I was hoping to get the maple dipped apple seeds. They are needed to make so many amazing recipes but I don’t have the trees.

  3. randorf3 says:

    Wondered if others are getting the same prizes over and over. Hoped for caramel apple seeds and apples gave me caramel green apples.

  4. Randorf says:

    the maple apple seeds were there, but out of 8 accounts in my extended family no one got one. I think those are pretty sad odds. Once again I won’t be making the receipts.

  5. CoffeenGuns says:

    The kids have not been able to get into park ,just keeps on kicking them back to the news paper page ,any help would be greatly appreciated .

  6. cowtown2 says:

    i love these cute owls they are a hoot i wanted the maple seeds so much i was going to trade for them someone had many but i didn’t and i hoped that i didn’t miss out please wish me luck for maple tree thanks i need good luck here lately we all do, i guess thank you ganz and webkinz, i hope so much for a maple tree, i always just win coins but money is good, lol

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