Hooray for Hot Chocolate!

If your pet is looking for a way to stay warm this winter, try feeding them some delicious Hot Chocolate! Whether it’s called Hot Cocoa, or Hot Chocolate, it always makes a delightfully delicious treat! Here’s a look at the many different types that you might find for your pet in Webkinz World!

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  1. mollya28 says:

    Please send me any of the hot chocolates! I am making a winter themed room and this would be the PERFECT addition! username is mollya28 and I WILL repay in any way you want

  2. bmarie1998 says:

    how do u get a hot chocolate machine

  3. kdawn125 says:

    i have 5. i want the rest

  4. uapeanut says:

    what is the hot chocolate machine?

  5. mamakins says:

    Love different kinds of hot chocolate. My favorite is mint.

  6. thefruits says:

    the recipe for the triple hot chocolate is a chocolate bar, chocolate milk, and a cup of cocoa put in the blender. have fun making it.

  7. horseofcourse_ says:

    Wow! I love these! Some great ideas! If anyone has some more, please add me; cfr92016 and I will send you some great gifts back! Cocoa is definitley my favorite!

  8. anniec07 says:

    My bro. inlaw would like the eggnogg one! if only i could figure out how to make him one in real life.! :P

  9. anniec07 says:

    Hey, ya’ll! I can’t believe there is more than 40 comments! I was checking my account, at 6:00am before I’d have to go do chorse (And spend time with my AMAZING horse and ponies) …and I saw the 40 comments for hot chocolate! It must be pretty good, but I don’t know how to make it! ;( (Please not the regular kind, cause I have a bunch of that at home!) My username for webkinz is anniec07 Please if you are a country redneck (like me) that loves horses!Please comment your username on here, so I’ll know wheather to add you or not!

  10. jenniferobbi says:

    I will trade the PSF of the Sea Blossom Turtle for any PSF or deluxe Hot Chocolate. My username is jenniferobbi

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