Hooray for Hot Chocolate!

If your pet is looking for a way to stay warm this winter, try feeding them some delicious Hot Chocolate! Whether it’s called Hot Cocoa, or Hot Chocolate, it always makes a delightfully delicious treat! Here’s a look at the many different types that you might find for your pet in Webkinz World!

91 Responses to Hooray for Hot Chocolate!

  1. kittenloverz101223 says:

    I have only heard of the regular one, cafe style, and the caramel cocoa

  2. nada says:

    How do you get the hot chocolate maker?????

  3. Michelle08 says:

    I never knew there was so many different hot chocolates! Does anyone have green mint coca

  4. Butterflystarr says:

    I need the Creamy Cocoa, Cozy Cocoa and Sweet Cocoa. I have the Hot Chocolate machine so I can trade the Cafe Style with you. My username is Butterflystarr

  5. DonutPoppy says:

    I love them all!! so yummy looking! If anyone could please send me some or one plz do my pet would be so glad! username is piecreem

  6. Hatter says:

    I have gotten a lot of food from the deluxe prize machine but I have never gotten hot chocolate. When are the prizes ever going to be changed

  7. backpack30 says:

    Everyone’s so giving.. hehee I mean, if you could send me any random hot coco or anything, im backpack30!

  8. nonopuppy123 says:

    right before I saw this I fed Brandon the hot chocolate with the frozen mug …… then I found out it is retired …… :O

  9. ccaenine2 says:

    Mmm, hot cocoa! Cheers, all!

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