Important Announcement: Contacting Customer Support


Please note that the Customer Support email address is available again, as our technical issues are now resolved.


If you have a Customer Support issue related to Webkinz, you can contact us by email ( or by submitting a ticket through our Support Page.You can access the Support Page by clicking here, selecting “Webkinz” and following the steps:


Thank you for your patience.



112 Responses to Important Announcement: Contacting Customer Support

  1. hnjfgngbdkjlf says:

    I’ve emailed webkinzsupport 3 times and I haven’t received a response. I tried logging into my webkinz account and it told me to change my password, following by “Failed to validate credentials. Please try again later.” I’d really like access to my webkinz account again, and feeling like I’m running out of options. I really don’t want to make a new account as I have over 100 pets on that account. Thanks for any help!

  2. pisc says:

    Hi, I got an email saying I’m on the Webkinz Customer Block List and my email didn’t get delivered? I’m not sure what I did wrong. I just said I didn’t get my Valentine’s Day badge and asked if it didn’t work anymore. Please help?

  3. Kittybug2244 says:

    I cannot get into one of my accounts. I try to changes my password and it keeps said you can use your existing password so I type I another password and it say it can’t change and that some went wrong. I’m definitely typing in my password right. Please help!

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