Important Newz about the Adventure Park

Hi everyone!

We’d like to clarify a few things regarding the new area of Webkinz World, Adventure Park.

The “Quick Quests” (Daily Quests) are being released in 2 weeks on August 31st, 2011. At that point you’ll be able to come back every day and play new quests.

When you send out Mini-Quests within Adventure Park there’s a message that states you’re able to come back daily to send more. This message is currently incorrect.

When you adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet, you get one Mini-Quest to send to another Webkinz player with an Adventure Park Series Pet (we call this an Adventure Friend).

When your Adventure Friend completes the Mini-Quest, you’ll both receive a prize.

As it is stated in the Adventure Park, if you decided to claim your prize within a quest, you won’t be able to come back to use any extra digs. If anyone sends you a Mini-Quest, you’ll be able to use your extra digs.

When the “Quick Quests” are released (August 31st, 2011), you’ll be able to use your extra digs if you have already completed the Pet Specific Quests.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.

88 Responses to Important Newz about the Adventure Park

  1. madwebkinz90 says:

    i cant get it to load. Ive tried like 7 times already so I’ll probably never get to see it. Fill me in on what its like everyone!

  2. love girl says:

    oh that makes a lot more sense i got the message thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Tigerstar says:

    i love to play webkinz.

  4. Lorna says:

    In our famioy, we have 5 accounts, dozens of Webkinz pets, including those able to go to the Adventure Park — it is crummy that we have to buy more pets, some that we already own, to be able to have the Adventure Park fun.

  5. bellarosie says:

    how are you supposed to do the quests? i just don’t get it! these paragraphs don’t say anything on where your supposed to start the quests.

  6. jellybean28 says:

    My daily quest is asking me to play Zingo Pop but every time I try to play (even if I go in through the Arcade) I get a black screnn and get frozen. Then I have to log out. This has been going on since the daily quest started on August 31.

  7. Shirley606 says:

    When I went to Adventure Land today with my Adventure pet [my koala] thats i got last year but it dosent let me do anything. When i go to it with my koala i cant do anything. What is going on.

  8. webkinzrock2000 says:

    ok iam so happy i got the love lion , blueberry cheeky dog , lynx , mud hippo ,pink google , american cocker , and the cow they r all so cute i wov them all

  9. DJS says:

    If one of your existing pets is allowed to enter Adventure Park, you can enter, but no Quests are offered to your qualifying pet. You have to buy a brand-new qualifying pet.After you buy a new pet, one long Quest is available and that’s it. After the long Quest is complete, a daily mini-Quest is available. One small quest is available to send and receive. .

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