Important Newz about the Adventure Park

Hi everyone!

We’d like to clarify a few things regarding the new area of Webkinz World, Adventure Park.

The “Quick Quests” (Daily Quests) are being released in 2 weeks on August 31st, 2011. At that point you’ll be able to come back every day and play new quests.

When you send out Mini-Quests within Adventure Park there’s a message that states you’re able to come back daily to send more. This message is currently incorrect.

When you adopt an Adventure Park Series Pet, you get one Mini-Quest to send to another Webkinz player with an Adventure Park Series Pet (we call this an Adventure Friend).

When your Adventure Friend completes the Mini-Quest, you’ll both receive a prize.

As it is stated in the Adventure Park, if you decided to claim your prize within a quest, you won’t be able to come back to use any extra digs. If anyone sends you a Mini-Quest, you’ll be able to use your extra digs.

When the “Quick Quests” are released (August 31st, 2011), you’ll be able to use your extra digs if you have already completed the Pet Specific Quests.

We apologize for the inconvenience and confusion.

88 Responses to Important Newz about the Adventure Park

  1. Beth says:

    I know for a fact that it does not have to be a BRAND NEW adventure pet series pet to play. It does have to be adopted since the park opened and it does have to be one of the six but it does not have to have been purchased this month. Because i just adopted a lil kinz koala yesterday that i had purchased from walgreens last christmas season and i am still able to complete quests and have access to the park. That’s just from personal experience. :)

  2. mysunicorn says:

    Hi Webkinz writers, it is not fair that in order to get into the Adventure Park we need to buy new pets that are dupliates of pets we already have. There must be a way tha the pets we already have can access Adfventure;land plus it is the same with the Deluxe , if regular webkinz owners cannot play deluxe games , those games like Whimsie Dragon should not be on the regular list of games and as before all Deluxe areas, games, etc should have a button that these can be accessible. Thank you, Mysunicorn

  3. punkybug says:

    hi! i really like the sound of the adventure park coming out, but i have no clue how to start doing the quests. i hope you can reply, and help, because i have talked to everyone! also im not free chat so i can’t ask anyone. plz help!

  4. Rob says:

    I can’t wait for the ADVENTURE PARK CONTSEST TO OPEN! ‘Cause I’ve got a BIG Idea.

  5. bdaygirlz says:

    ah! so that’s why i was all confused and couldn’t do anything, because i have the pink pony! :) can’t wait until the 31!

  6. eiley says:

    i have a mud hippo but i did not get it on after August 3rd. is there any way i can still use it in Adventure Land?

  7. fuzzycat50 says:

    IT SAYS IT’S BUILDING MAP… then it crashes. :(

  8. littleana1 says:

    im good =)

  9. littleana1 says:

    i feel shocked :o

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