Important Update!


As part of an upcoming General Data Protection Regulation that was recently passed by the European Union, we have added a way for our players to easily delete their Webkinz accounts. This was added to ensure the privacy of our players and to continue our commitment to provide a safe and secure place to play online. Note that once an account has been deleted, it will be permanent deleted and players will not have the option to recover any items, pets or currency associated to their account.



To delete your Webkinz account please complete the following steps:


  1. Log into your Webkinz account at or from the Webkinz mobile app.
  2. Access the Options menu in the top right of the interface, or from the THINGS TO DO menu on the mobile app
  3. Click on the Delete Account option.
  4. You will be prompted to re-enter your password to confirm your decision
  5. You will be given one last chance to cancel or confirm your decision
  6. Once confirmed, you will be logged out and your account will be deleted.


Again, this decision is permanent and cannot be reversed once completed.




-The Webkinz Team


167 Responses to Important Update!

  1. Lillyiber says:

    If you deleted your account, why cannot Ganz just put a ” Oh no your account is deleted. if you want to restore it type in a webkinz pet code that you used if you have at least one code adopted pet. If not, type in a new unused code to restore” or like that.

  2. Lillyiber says:

    Does this mean that another person can take a deleted username?

  3. Robofish123 says:

    Oh! No! I love my cat

  4. PoodgeYT says:

    What happens to our Webkinz tho? Do they die?

  5. penguinlove1 says:

    I’m sorry…………but easy to delete=easy for other people to delete…

  6. Lillyiber says:

    Four words: PLEASE DELETE THAT OPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I told a friend of mine that I know in person and they said that if people got my account info, they could delete my account. Plus, if you want to keep your Webkinz account but not use it, make a new account and you could stop using the old account. I would NEVER delete my current account.

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