Important Update!


As part of an upcoming General Data Protection Regulation that was recently passed by the European Union, we have added a way for our players to easily delete their Webkinz accounts. This was added to ensure the privacy of our players and to continue our commitment to provide a safe and secure place to play online. Note that once an account has been deleted, it will be permanent deleted and players will not have the option to recover any items, pets or currency associated to their account.



To delete your Webkinz account please complete the following steps:


  1. Log into your Webkinz account at or from the Webkinz mobile app.
  2. Access the Options menu in the top right of the interface, or from the THINGS TO DO menu on the mobile app
  3. Click on the Delete Account option.
  4. You will be prompted to re-enter your password to confirm your decision
  5. You will be given one last chance to cancel or confirm your decision
  6. Once confirmed, you will be logged out and your account will be deleted.


Again, this decision is permanent and cannot be reversed once completed.




-The Webkinz Team


230 Responses to Important Update!

  1. m1rtx2 says:

    A while ago I somehow lost my account, but my sisters account which was opened before mine still works, and I would really like my account back.

  2. MusicBeatSky says:

    Just reading this… this a stupid idea! I love webkinz and played for 7 years (no joke, I did start in 2011)! I remember my very first webkinz account (not gonna say cause it contains my real name) and it had my very first webkinz on it… the lil’ kinz Chihuahua named Sarah, I also had the Canary named Tweety on this account… sadly that account is gone forever and my 2nd account become my official main account! My first pet on my main is “Dog” named Applepie. Seriously, does anyone remember “Cat” & “Dog” being starter pets? I certainly do! I’ve never been a Delux Member in those 7 years soooo ya

  3. Dragon30 says:

    I think you are all right and you now if a hacker or revenge etc. get into there or somebody’s account so my point is I at lets say 33 could get in so easily and this is for you webkinz put something really really hard like there date when they bought the pet and maybe the code or what it looks like or a surtin item etc. and sow yay you’ve got to licence to people in the comments.

  4. kittiesmeow says:

    The point of this is for it to be easy. That’s literally the whole point.

  5. kwlolpoping says:

    you really need to fix this I think it need password, username, and your pet name please fix this problem it is way to easy to delete a account by accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alfiecake says:

    This is waay to easy for a deletion…

  7. Cinderrocks says:

    Terrible way to delete. Like it should be deleted by pet code or something similar.

  8. morelikeautumn says:

    I personally believe it should be a little ‘harder’ to delete an account. I this day and age, it is really easy to hack or obtain information, especially online. It will be all too easy for someone to access one’s Webkinz account, and delete the account with the person not even knowing until its too late. Call me paranoid, but I believe you should have to enter a recent pet code that account used, or another way to permanently delete an account.

    • morelikeautumn says:

      What if we have our information saved onto our home computer, (Google auto save, anyone?) And they get into a fight with their sibling, and in revenge, the sibling deletes the account? Or a parent easily deletes the account for a punishment? I have put way too much love, time (and money!) for my account to be so easily deleted. Please add steps or something!

  9. fayeandlily says:

    This looks WAY too easy to do. They should add an explanation for what they are doing, and more than just “are you sure?” I have little sisters who play the mobile version and cannot read, and they can easily find the button. They have also memorized the letters it takes for them to type their passwords! Webkinz, please change this!

  10. macmackie says:

    If a account is deleted, can the pet codes be used again?

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