January’s Featured Pets

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  1. bebelstrang1000 says:

    I like the ragdoll cat, but its not being sold in stores where i live. are there currently any problems with the plush pets recently?


    I have been having problems with my account for over a year. My sign in doesn’t work and then do. I’m missing items, floors, walls, items that give your daily food are not working, things I paid for are missing. Mall game freezes after one dice spin.When I renewed, never received 5000G, my monthly deluxe coins go to the game instead of the store. I never change it to do that, I always had it go to the store. I called several times some things were fixed others not, last time disconnected, never called back. So frustrating. My family members and I have been members almost 10 years and have a large collection. Very frustrating!

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