Kids Can Learn While They Play in Webkinz World!


Did you know that many areas of Webkinz World offer educational content that helps kids learn as they play? From simple math, to word building and spelling, to real-world lessons like problem solving and time management, Webkinz offers games and challenges that stimulate young minds as they have fun playing and interacting with others!


To easily identify which areas of Webkinz offer educational content, look for the Educational Content symbol on the games menu in the Arcade and on the Things To Do menu.


Below you can find a list of the areas in Webkinz World that offer educational content and how each game and/or section helps kids learn:

educational content 

Things to Do Menu:

  • My House (teaches caring for your pet)
  • Arcade (see list of games with educational content below)
  • Tournament Arena (see list of games with educational content below)
  • Employment Office (see list of jobs with educational content below)
  • Kinzville Academy (see list of classes with educational content below)
  • Quizzy’s (thousands of educational questions!)


educational content 

educational content 

Arcade Games:

  1. Booger Gets an A: Addition, Memorization
  2. Color Storm: Directional Understanding, Left and Right
  3. Eager Beaver: Making words
  4. Get Eleven Solitaire: Addition and Subtraction, Numerical Order
  5. Home Before Dark: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  6. Skunk Sweeper: Strategy logic
  7. Lunch Letters: Keyboarding
  8. Ms. Cowoline’s Roll Call: Working Memory
  9. Operation Gumball: Process of Elimination
  10. Pizza Palace: Time management
  11. Quizzy’s Word Challenge: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  12. Scrambled: Time management game
  13.  Stack ‘Em Up Solitaire: Addition
  14. Tile Towers: Focus, Noticing different and same
  15. Triple Strike Solitaire: Addition, Numerical Order
  16. Where’s Wacky: Working Memory, Focus


educational content 


Tournament Arena:

  1. Link’D: Strategy logic
  2. Checkers: Strategy logic
  3. Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles: Strategy logic
  4. Goober’s Atomicolicious: Strategy logic
  5. Duck Crossing: Strategy logic
  6. Zingoz Switcherooz: Strategy logic
  7. Color Storm: Directional Understanding, Left and Right
  8. Eager Beaver: Making words
  9. Get Eleven Solitaire: Numerical Order, Addition, Subtraction
  10. Home Before Dark: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  11. Skunk Sweeper: Strategy logic
  12. Pizza Palace: Time management
  13. Quizzy’s Word Challenge: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  14. Stack ‘Em Up Solitaire: Strategy logic
  15. Triple Strike Solitaire: Strategy logic
  16. Where’s Wacky: Working Memory, Focus

educational content 


Employment Office:

  1. KinzPost Sorter: Numerical Order, Addition, Subtraction
  2. Kinzville Mover: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  3. Baby-Sitter: Time management
  4. Flooring Assistant: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  5. Gem Mining: Working Memory, Focus
  6. Grocery Clerk: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  7. Ms. Birdy’s Assistant: Keyboarding
  8. Piano Player: Working Memory, Focus
  9. Dr. Quack’s Assistant: Time management
  10. Fence Painting: Working Memory, Focus
  11. Hamburger Cook: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  12. Newz Delivery: Working Memory, Focus
  13. Shoe Store Clerk: Working Memory, Focus

educational content 


Kinzville Academy:

  1. Creativity: Visualization of moving 2-D shapes
  2. Intelligence: Reading, Word Building, Spelling
  3. Style: Working Memory, Focus
  4. Grooming: Working Memory, Focus
  5. Cooking: Time management


19 Responses to Kids Can Learn While They Play in Webkinz World!

  1. mamasbaby07 says:

    The kids can learn a lot.. but this old lady loves to play the games as I think they are very beneficial in keeping your mind sharp and helps with memory, and co ordination… You all stay safe and play some games they are good for all ((((HUGS))))

    • Catherine1915 says:

      Raising my hand – I’m old too. LOL And especially love Lunch Letters – helps my stiff fingers alot. Can’t wait for the challenge coming up. Thanks for all the games that help all of us – no matter how old or young we are. You’re the best, Ganz.

    • Auntruthie309 says:

      I’m old too and so glad for WW and the games – like you said, memory, co-ordination and keeping our minds sharp. Do the Lunch Letters daily to limber up my fingers and Roll call and Tile Towers. super games for everyone.

      • Amygirl113 says:

        I too am thankful for WW and all the games to help with us older folks as well as all the kids. Thanks Ganz for having things for all of us to do.

  2. gospottgo says:

    We cannot thank Ganz enough for being there for the kids, providing learning opportunities, much needed distraction, and wide open virtual places to play in. Thank you from the adults who are going a bit stir crazy, too! Our pets can go to the beach and go shopping and socialize with lots of others. Virtual hugs from all of our pets! :)

  3. bocquet says:

    Mega mom12 Hi I am a grandma too. Playing a lot of these games also. Love to be your friend. Live by myself . Hope Webkinz come up with a lot of challenges .

    • Elizabeh says:

      Hi bocquet. Please friend another grandmummy playing webbies ! Started with the children; stayed; now waiting a few years on the grandchildren to grow a little older ! friend noonesfriend

  4. Traveller says:

    Please correct the spelling mistake in tomorrow in Arte’s sign off. There is only one ‘m’ in tomorrow. Thank you.

  5. Neette says:

    Help Please :) I have asked before but no answer. Oh Well maybe this time. I have NO ADS when I play Webkinz. I do have them when I watch the movies BUT NOT when I just play. How can I get them Back ? ? Please Help :) :)

  6. lemony says:

    Thank you for putting this together

  7. bella201223 says:

    One thing that’s consistent is my time on webkinz world <3 thank you for some normality

  8. pumkin2009 says:


  9. megamom12 says:

    You know, these memory/strategy games help keep granny’s mind sharp too!

  10. Beckinz8 says:

    You guys are awesome! Thank you for taking a few moments to break this all down for us again. Very timely! “Webkinz: offering a little light in the darkness.”

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