Let’s Build a Royal Palace!

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Michael is back with another Let’s Build video! This time he shows us how to build a Royal Dining Room, Ballroom and Throne Room using Rare Items.


Look for Rare Items everyday at the Curio Shop. You never know when they’ll appear so make sure you check back often because Arte has new items available every hour.


What are your favorite Rare Items from the Curio Shop? What other rooms could you see added to the Royal Palace? Do you have room design tips of your own or have any questions for Michael? Please leave your comments below…


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220 Responses to Let’s Build a Royal Palace!

  1. Starblade2015 says:

    I think I’d like to see a W-Shop Video next. It would be very interesting. Thank you!

  2. AdamMunn says:

    anyone willing to donate some clothes to Happy12121212kinz or become friends with me?

  3. AdamMunn says:

    Hi playnowpuppy we are friends on webkinz! my username is Happy12121212kinz if im ever on please invite me!!!

  4. alllc says:

    micheal, did you get some of that stuff by kinz post, for example: the princess throne. was it from webkinz, i got that chair today in my mail box. im concerned about what happened! please respond!!

  5. awesomeruler says:

    i think these vids are awesome.

  6. magmag465 says:

    Hi! Would any deluxe members be willing to send me the Little Sailor Dress or any other deluxe clothing they might have? I’d be happy to send kinzcash coins or other cute things I have in return :) I’m purplecat19 if anyone wants to add me.

  7. samantha143298 says:

    here is a clothing recipe for the wild watermelon shirt green polka dot boots, ballerina top, and the summer fun swim top

  8. kittytwokat says:

    Guys, I’m gonna start a forum for this kinda stuff. Please go to Forums-Tips & Tricks-Let’s Build!-by:kittytwokat P.S:I’m kittytwokat on webkinz ;)

  9. rainshower25 says:

    during this video i noticed how his pet was hungry great vid though!

  10. mgkuhns956 says:

    1 can you build a nursery 2 LOADS SO MUCH

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