Meet Cowabelle in the Park!



Hello, everyone!


I’m so excited to be back in the Kinzville Park between September 21 – 27! Fall is here, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to celebrate by handing out gifts! If you missed my previous visits to the park, I’m once again giving out 1 of these 7 random prizes:



Come say hello once a day for yours!


See you in the Park!


Mayor of Kinzville


76 Responses to Meet Cowabelle in the Park!

  1. froglady13 says:

    I visited Cowabelle this morning 9/21 and all I got was a video and then I was froxen in the park and had to leave. What’s up with that?

  2. dogheart7 says:

    I can’t get to the Kinzville Park because it says the server couldn’t be loaded. I really want that sleeping bag though :(

    • EmilyCuteHeart says:

      dogheart7, if I get to sleeping bags, than I will send you one. What’s your webkinz user? Mine is the same as it is on here.

      • EmilyCuteHeart says:

        Oops……. I meant to say if I get two sleeping bags, than I will send you one. If I only get one, than I might still send you it. I’m not sure. If I don’t get one, than I’m sorry that it won’t work for you.

  3. WebkinzTown says:

    I could use a few more of the outfits. I wish the Kinzville park loaded faster.

  4. ImaPepper says:

    Nice–I never got the sleeping bag or the hat. Another chance to get them, yay!

  5. 1234rez says:

    I want the chair!!! :)

  6. beaubo says:

    I need the rainbow sleeping bag and chair.

  7. winterwarriorwolf says:

    I wish they were new prizes, but this is still fun!! (:

  8. tuvix says:

    they did this before? i started playing webkinz last janurary also could you both freind me my user name is the same

  9. dolly7girls says:

    I wish Ganz would quit giving clothes for prizes; my pets have soooo many. I like the other prizes a lot better and could use more of those.

  10. CLA_soccer says:

    I’m so sick of these prizes, I have them all and this is the third time she is giving them out. :(

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