Meet the Signature Pets of the North!


Winterfest brings the snow to Webkinz World and extra hazards! This year’s Winterfest Cookies include awesome new Rescue Team items. We’re looking for new recruits for our Rescue Team.


Several of Webkinz stunning Signature Pets hail from the North and the Rescue Team would love to draw on their expertise in navigating the tundra. Let’s meet some of the pets that we think would make great Webkinz Rescue Team members.


Did you know that Webkinz Signature and Signature Endangered Pets are beautifully detailed pets that are more life-like than regular Webkinz Pets? Like regular pets, Signature Pets come with a stunning pet-specific item and food created just for them. But Signature Pets also come with a couple of bonuses!

First of all, each Signature Pet comes with a Wish Token.




And in addition to their regular adoption gifts, Signature Pets come with an exclusive piece of the Signature Room Theme (OR a piece of Signature Endangered furniture plus a Sanctuary Pack containing a special wallpaper and floor for Signature Endangered Pets).


The Webkinz Rescue Team would be proud to include some of these Signature Pets among its members.


Of course, you can check out all of the Signature and Signature Endangered Pets any time by visiting Ganz eStore!

21 Responses to Meet the Signature Pets of the North!

  1. Demongirl10 says:

    From this group I have the Black Bear(Cheyenne) and the Beaver(Edward)! I wasn’t active during the years Signatures were available, so I feel pretty lucky too have collected 10 of them so far. :)

  2. criss999 says:

    i have the deer his name is Bambi

  3. xHxHxAx says:

    I have the Signature Fox, Black Bear, and Chipmunk that are pictured here. I really hope to get the Sig Raccoon (in plush form, preferably) because my long-distance best friend uses a raccoon for their gaming blog.

  4. Kamots55 says:

    I love the Signatures! I have a ton of them!

  5. zootzoot says:

    Not all of the signature and signature endangered pets are available at the Ganz Estore. The Jaguar and the Giraffe are at least two that are missing.

  6. MyLittlePony2010EG13 says:

    Awesome!! =D What about the husky? Huskies are northern pets.

  7. puppies4me says:

    Greetings Webkinz Newz Staff and affiliated GANZ associates! Happy New Year! So, here’s my thought: could the Signature Room Theme Prizes please be awarded as are the POTM Boxes and Cozy Condo Room Theme Boxes, where we have a choice of the prizes? Speaking for myself, opening Helping Hands Boxes can be very disappointing. From what I’ve experienced and heard from others trying to trade for room items, the Helping Hands Theme, due to the identical ‘random’ items being awarded repeatedly to all who receive them, is nearly impossible to complete. I no longer gamble on eStore Mystery Boxes, Stockings, Cookies or anything along that line due to such frustration. Mandy, Michael, Sally, Steve, you all seem to have great influence within Webkinz World. Would you please help so that when purchasing a Signature Pet, the ability to choose Signature Room Theme items will be something to look forward to. I’m counting on you guys! Thank you!

    • Silverspear says:

      My problem is, is that the value would then go down

    • CocoaBunny says:

      Hear, hear!

    • rainelda says:

      While I agree about the gambling, I disagree about the Signature Room Theme Prizes being awarded, people have spent a lot of money, traded other rares or whatever else to obtain those items, theres SO MUCH Ganz has brought back that was very rare, I hope at the very least they don’t touch that. I’ve played Webkinz for over 10+ years and part of that is collecting and trading, I use to be a very hardcore trader and knew almost ALL rares, PSI and all that good stuff, now I’ve seen a lot of rares come back and I think its wrong, theres SOOOO much in the game, why bring back the old stuff? That was one of the sole reasons why I even play Webkinz now.

    • 1Emerald1 says:

      Absolutely wonderful idea, puppies4me! I completely agree about the set being impossible to complete. I own 35 signatures (so far) & have never actually seen some of these pieces. Didn’t know there were dining chairs to go with the table. That car is seriously awesome…

    • ggram says:

      puppies4me, I totally agree with everything you said. I do not “gamble” estore points on any of the “Mystery” items, Ganz has taken away so many things and control everything, even games, so you can’t win decent prizes, it’s difficult for kids to stay interested. I have 7 accounts, spent Thousamds and can never seem to get complete rooms, win different prizes, kids saying “games aren’t fair” and no longer want to play and all of the “waiting” to catch a leaf, snowflake, etc. keeps it from being “fun”. And every time, I bring up these issues, our winnings, drawings, etc. are never the decent prizes. Ex., I did the Wheel of Wishes and Wheel of Wow on one of my accounts, after midnight and neither counted.

  8. momo4cookie says:

    Since you Webkinz news people brought this article up, does that mean that the Webkinz signature line will come back? I’m sure many people would be very happy if that were the case, as these plushies are still very popular. And don’t you think the signature Siberian husky would make a good rescue team member as well?

    • Silverspear says:

      I hope the ones that aren’t currently available at the estore don’t get added since their rarity would go down by a lot. I understand people want them but from a collectors stand point it’s extremely sad to see rare pets get added to the estore, they become common. It happened with the silver Labrador, I was pretty sad to see it added along with some other people. It would be like adding the turtle dove promo pet into the estore, everyone could have access to it and it would have little to no value.

    • KelliAnn11 says:

      The Barn Owl could be in this group, as well.

  9. Alphaowlbear says:

    The picture doesn’t include my Signature Polar Bear – it was the first signature I bought many years ago – the Plush is one of my favorites.

  10. poofmon says:

    From the pets pictured here, I have the Signature Woodland Raccoon. He was actually my first signature pet! Virtual only, but I’ll always remember his adoption…I was able to purchase him from the wShop, because Fluffingon gave everyone in Webkinz World 10,000 eStore points. The gift from Fluffington, combined with the points I already had saved up, allowed me to afford my SWL Raccoon. I hope one day to pick up a used plush version to represent my virtual one. The face on the plush is adorable, and I hear the fur is super soft.

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