Mother’s Day Tea Party – Look for the Tea Cup Today!



Happy Mother’s Day! Ms. Birdy would just love a visit and cup of tea with you today, May 12, 2019.

Log into your Webkinz account and look for the floating tea cup today. Click on it have a beautiful floral tea cup added to your Dock.

Deluxe Webkinz members can collect up to six Floral Tea Cups, full members can collect up to four, and free members can collect two of these sweet tea cups.

Ms. Birdy is waiting to have tea with you today!

61 Responses to Mother’s Day Tea Party – Look for the Tea Cup Today!

  1. criss999 says:

    played all day not one tea cup

  2. chinagirlac says:

    I wasn’t able to get any. Very disappointing. Maybe they will bring them back at some point.

  3. uc0nn1 says:

    I did not have time to log in on Sunday until very late in the day since it was Mother’s Day and my son’s Graduation day. Then, not relizing the teacups were not floating on the mobile app I logged into my account there instead of on the website. So, I missed out. If anyone has an extra my user name is uc0nnc. Thank you.

  4. AuroraRose24 says:

    I have two accounts and I was on them both for a long period on Sunday. Sadly, I only found one teacup. I would like to ask for Webkinz to be more generous with the floaty click things in the future! I never got even close to getting the pet coins needed for that recent event either! :(

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